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14 years 1 month ago #2875 by dsendecki
I know that it is possible to make profiles viewable to everybody or just registered users.

I was wondering if its possible to make this user selectable.

For instance, a user can choose on the registration form or via "update profile" if there profile is viewable to the general public or to registered users.

For instance, I know that I can create a list that excludes profiles based on fields, but those profiles will still show elsewhere -- i.e. via connections, et al.

Is this possible, or should I move it to feature requests?
14 years 1 month ago #3119 by Phleum
I have been doing this on our site by banning people who want to have their profiles hidden. It's a terribly inelegant solution as 1) it sends the message that they aren't welcome, 2) they need to send an unban request to chang this "setting" which many won't know to do, and 3) I don't know if there are more who prefer their privacy that aren't speaking up.

To extend it further, other fields could be displayed selectively on profiles. For example, I have email not displayed by default, but some would prefer it made available. Likewise with addresses, phone numbers, etc.

I'm trying to use CB as a membership manager, and these features would go a long way toward that end. it would be great for my needs.
13 years 9 months ago #11055 by tulula3
Interesting way to hide user profiles... but banning doesn't sound the member should feel welcome as you say.

I really need this functionality too... AND...
  • fields private/public (options choice by user and/or administrator)
  • ,
  • tab level viewing access by public/registered/special,
  • field entry write permissions set by ACL groups

...I'm desperate!

Lisa :)
Help if anyone has any thoughts and can help a girl out...
13 years 9 months ago #11072 by ptkho
I have the same problem. Also need desperately this option to make it selectable for the user if they want to show the field public! Banning people or making a new list is not an option for me.
13 years 8 months ago #14863 by mephistophele
I think that a lot of people need this feature.... (me too :whistle: )
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