account expiration and integration with cb rc2

15 years 2 months ago #18427 by jimspice
Globalnerd anounced today the integration of AEC to CB . It is not available yet to the public; only with membership ($25€/3 Months or 45€/6 Monthd) do you get access to the newest release, but I figure it shouldn't be long 'til the public gets it.


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15 years 2 months ago #18489 by hlbog

The official release is scheduled to the end of month. I'd like to say that our tests is showing the integration is working pretty well. No hacks needed for CB and AEC will be the same if or if not using together with CB.
We're working in other features assigned to next release, as 2checkout integration and improvements for frontend, among others.

Helder Garcia

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15 years 3 weeks ago #21129 by maranate
Helder, how is this going? Just wondering since it's now midway through September.


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15 years 2 weeks ago #21671 by schelly
Hi Christina,

I'm unable to pay the subscription fees over at their "paid support site" but I followed the instructions to the letter when installing their component.

The test site I'm installing to has latest version of Joomla!, CB, JACL and other components. The hacks they give you to complete the installation are contained in a file called hacks.txt. I implemented those hacks and began getting errors in the back end (administration area) of my installation.

Since I can't browse the forums at their support site, I wasn't able to determine why the hacks.txt instructions caused errors.

That's all I can report for now concerning AEC.

I, too, have been following the various developments of paid subscription components. I've had luck in the past with aMember, who actually did manage to integrate adding paid registration people into groups in Joomla, but that was a few months back.

I don't have any knowledge as to whether Alex (aMember) was able to keep up with the development pace of Joomla and JACL, but I know for sure at the time, you could not use CB if you used aMember.

Hope that helps somebody...


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