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13 years 3 weeks ago #125496 by ckayfish
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1.Improved connection Management

2. Something like a workflow module for users. Shows them new connection request, new messages, new comments on their profile book items, maybe even % profile completion This could be a good item for a 3pd developer, but would end up being a must-have.

3. Easy way to define simple triggers. For example, I have a DB query I am executing every time someone registers. Rather than having the overhead of developing and distributing a plugin, it would be nice to go to a "Triggers" back end section (similar to Fields), Click "New Trigger", select "onAfterUserRegistration" from a drop down list, and then have a text field where I can enter my PHP/mySQL code with access to the CB framework.

EDIT:4. Almost forgot the ability to have hierarchical fields. Where the value you select in one field (eg state) dictates the possible values of the second field (eg City).

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13 years 2 weeks ago #125698 by bigc90210
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some things which in my opinion REALLY need to be implemented into the CB project for users to keep using/developing for it.

Kunena Integration - Such as being able to have your own icons on your forum profile from your CB layout. I have seen requests for this on the Kunena forums, yet it has been noted on a lot of forums how inactive the CB community is in releasing updates/releases.

This brings me to my next point...

Regular updates, or at least more regular than they have been. I have personally been with CB since 1.0, and although this WAS the best community tool, its purely down to the lack of updates that has meant others have caught up with CB. It has all of the makings of THE must-have joomla component (it always has been IMO) but others are catching up, and its getting to the point where im starting to consider not using CB, as for how infrequent the updates are, it makes using CB a liability in terms of future site upgrades.

Also, the joomlapolis website itself, is spread waaaaaay too thin. There is so much out of date content, that condensing the website content so users can easily access what they need would be an improvement.

All that said, THANK YOU for all your hard work that you put into this, and i REALLY REALLY can't wait to see the next release of CB. I just hope you can put CB back on the map like it used to be, and where it deserves to be. CB used to be the central component that users would set their communities up around, please PLEASE bring this back in 2010!!!!!

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13 years 2 weeks ago #125760 by beat
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Keep the great ideas flowing in, we're listening and working hard, and 2010 is becoming a great year. :)

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13 years 2 weeks ago #125915 by ndee
Replied by ndee on topic Re:CB 2.0 ideas discussions
Hi guys,

before 1) make it easy to get involved with CB, developer wiki, developer faq, developer api docs, svn to send patches, ticket system (already there ++)

1) CB uses jquery. The default template or a extra template should support jQueryUI [1]. The big advantage is that you can style your complete own theme with their great ThemeRoller [2] .. many presets in the gallery and unlimited custom styles.
Maybe this can happen before CB 2 - I am trying it now.

2) No more own language file solution. Or a better structured one. Currently the core CB translations are in one file (good) but then you have a cbcorplugins_language where all is mixed together (can be confusing) - better make language files also for your own plugs.
+ use new INI Format of Joomla 1.6, if possible use joomlas language file structure

3) Drop support for Joomla 1.0.x and Mambo if they cause delay in development or cause more than 10% development overheat - CB 1.x is for legacy systems - CB 2 should go with Joomla core and support top edge features.

4) Template overrides. (sorry if this is already possible but because of the lack of docs I don't know.) Support template overrides so that I can put my CB overrides in my Jommla template directory and do not have to manage two templates.

5) Get rid of table artifacts for layouts and display of profile fields and use a more easy styleable markup.

6) Make it possible that users can add a unlimited set of field groups. e.g. you can add cars you owned to your profile - should have the possibility to add one or 10 (limited by param). Now you have to predefine 10 picture fields, name fields, descr field (e.g). Same for Tabs e.g. tabs for Address 1-office, address2-office2, address3-home etc.

[1] jqueryui.com/
[2] jqueryui.com/themeroller/

That's it so far. :)

all the best to you guys,

UPDATE: just saw a jqueryui folder in the default template, seems that 1) is not that far away

7) Please get a new icon set from gnome or kde or any other gpl iconset almost all look better then the current one :whistle: (sorry I did not want to offend somebodies feelings but they are a little bit outdated)

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13 years 2 weeks ago #125952 by AlterNet
Replied by AlterNet on topic Re:CB 2.0 ideas discussions

Well I'm still wrong to post :angry:
www.joomlapolis.com/component/option, com_joomlaboard / Itemid, 82/func, view / id, 125923/catid, 100 /

In addition:

*** Allow to set any input field (eg title) to put in the <title>. The username is not necessarily good the SEF url

** When you want to edit an entry field:
Specify the tab for which there is an error on a field

* CB User Manager
Sort on field Registered, Last Visit, Name, UserName

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13 years 2 weeks ago #126082 by PCAnalyzer
Replied by PCAnalyzer on topic Re:CB 2.0 ideas discussions
I noticed the good job you did in the last upgrade (1.2.2) without the need of unistall and i thought:
- One click CB Upgrade
Like on wordpress, you click from the admin panel and your plugin get automatically upgraded.

I hope you like this feature, also. :)

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