moderators do not get messages (spanish)

10 years 10 months ago #146600 by yanboq
I want to have an administrator moderate new users.
I am using
-the "official" spanish translation available here for 1.2.3
The correct text exists inside the php spanish version, but
the moderator gets NO message about needing to approve/disapprove. (The email with subject "ACTION REQUIRED! New User Registration Pending Approval" never gets sent --or never arrives-- at the moderator's inbox. The body of the email says "A new user has registered at http://www. [domain] .com and requires approval.)
Please help! Can somebody please let me know that at least someone is looking in to this? Thanks so very much!
(I will be happy to give administrative privileges for my site to anyone who knows enough about this to be able to help. www. vivirconcalidad .com/e/)

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