[SOLVED] Users can't register in my site using PEC email

9 years 46 minutes ago #147929 by nant
krileon wrote:

CB works fine with SMTP, have you searched before posting concerning SMTP? You must format the HOST differently for CB to function, it must include the port at the end (e.g. smtp.site.com:12295).

9 years 45 minutes ago #147930 by navajolo
Good afternoon.

I wanted only to show you what Community Builder and its email checker tells when I try to subscribe to my site by any email address:
"Could not check this email: Please double check: Needed for confirmation."

Thank you very much.
9 years 28 minutes ago #147931 by navajolo
Good afternoon, i read articles of this site that concern SMTP settings. Some days ago i asked my hosting provider right parameters for SMTP and from that day i'm using them. Then I added the modification that Krileon gived to me (port at the end of SMTPhost) which is the same of older discussions. Maybe there is something I am not able to understand; I'm not good in english, sorry, it's the first time I write posts in this language and it's difficult to read and get everything.

I'm so sorry...:S
8 years 11 months ago #147997 by navajolo
"Could not check this email: Please double check: Needed for confirmation."

Why I get this message from email checker when I try to subscribe in my site???
This happens with any email address under SMTP mail function of Joomla.

It seems CB can't work with SMTP.

Under PHPmail it works fine and I'd use this mail function but I need to use Italian PEC mail addresses and the email checker under PHPmail function tells these addresses are not valid.

Please help me if you want/can.

Thank you very much.
8 years 11 months ago #148017 by krileon

Why I get this message from email checker when I try to subscribe in my site???

This is just the Ajax email checker. It has nothing to do with whether SMTP is working or not. It means the entered email address couldn't be validated. This can happen if the webserver of the email address being checked doesn't respond or your mailserver doesn't permit sending checks.

Italian PEC mail addresses

CB will not validate those addresses, most extensions or mailservers won't; they are NOT standardized. If possible create aliases for those addresses that are standardized.

Please help me if you want/can.

There's not much more we can do, you're probably going to need to make core edits. If the emails are sending fine after you've made the adjustment I suggested earlier then you've nothing to worry about as it's just the ajax checker which is failing. You can disable the ajax checker within CB configuration.

Kyle (Krileon)
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8 years 11 months ago #148056 by navajolo
Hi everybody.
Krileon I want to thank you for your replies, I'm in contact with the Italian CB community and hope to find out a solution for this particular case. (i.e. editing the core).
I hope could be helpful to remember that base component "user" of Joomla works with PEC. And that email checker of CB judges valid the PEC address but only if I use a normal site-mail. (But we need a PEC address to send mails to PEC addresses).
I consider the PEC a great idea to make faster official communications but naturally and unfortunately it's still only an Italian experience by now; I hope these topics could help someone somewhere...:lol:

I promise that if we'll find out a solution we will give it to you, I hope so.

Thank you very much again, it was a good discussion.
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