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Localization related issues was created by lukoie
Well, i personally have three by now:
1 In case anyone needs to translate localization files for CB1.3.1 for J!1.6 and cant make it work, you need to make sure you've edited files yoursitename.com/administrator/language/xx-XX/xx-XX.xml and yoursitename.com/language/xx-XX/xx-XX.xml
(where xx-XX is your language locale, like en-GB, fr-FR)
you need to find the <metadata> section
and edit the tag <name>language</name>
to the same language name you use in your .xml file of the localization installer.
This trick will make CB understand what language do you use on the website and adminpanel, so your localization will work automatically.

2 it seems that you've put a bunch of strings for the adminpage to the main localization file. Like for example these:

//Alpha 4 Build
DEFINE('_UE_ADMINREQUIREDFIELDS','Fields validation in Admin');
DEFINE('_UE_ADMINREQUIREDFIELDS_DESC','Set to "Yes" to make the User Management section in the administrator use field validation settngs (required, size, etc.) and set to "No" to ignore the field validation in the admin user management.');
DEFINE('_UE_MODERATOREMAIL','Send Moderators Email');
DEFINE('_UE_MODERATOREMAIL_DESC','If "Yes" moderators will receive emails when actions happen that require their attention.');

//Beta 1 Build

Did you just forgot to move it to the admin_language.php? If yes, will you make a new example localization file, so we know which strings needs to be in the languagename.php and wich in admin_language.php?

3 were does CB uses:
- DEFINE('_UE_NA','N/A');
strings& I couldnt find them in the code, but without knowing what is it for i have many options to translate it to. Way to many.

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