Where to find/post official language releases?

13 years 2 months ago #153728 by jazzstudio

We operate a community-driven website that relates to the Afrikaans language. Obviously one of our needs was to have CB in Afrikaans. We enlisted the help of volunteers from the site's community, and translated the language file.

I would like to know where we should go/whom we should contact, to have the Afrikaans translation listed as an official CB translation. I remember when WE were looking for one we spent hours scouring the web and found none. We're convinced that this would be a nice thing for the Afrikaans community to have.

We would also like to confirm some guidelines, such as: should the back-end/administrator stuff be translated also (we have, but could obviously easily revert to English), where do we upload it to? Do we at least credit the volunteers who did the actual translation, what rules/guidelines do we need to adhere to for it to be listed as an official translation?

Any help much appreciated.

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13 years 2 months ago #153731 by nant
Send me a private message and we will setup a new project for you on our language forge:


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