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I just ranted for about an hour, not sure if it posted, but that was my point, in several places, albeit harsher in some. The website died as I was posting, so let me see if it's there :) Have a great Holiday weekend everyone.

Yup. It's There!

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mikko wrote:

Answering technical questions rather than newbie questions is explained really well in this pretty widely cited essay: www.catb.org/~esr/faqs/smart-questions.html
(the essay is really worth reading)

Then what comes to the releases, I cannot keep but wondering why there is not a public CVS.

Mikko, long read but all true. On slashdot you would get +5 insightfull ;)

About the CVS, this would be handy for developpers of 3p plugins and users that know their stuff. A regular user won't gain with CVS access, since nightlies tend to have small (or large) bugs in them. And that was the problem of the reviewer I think: official releases.

But to be clear, I wouldn't mind access to a CB CVS :woohoo:


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