Most Popular Joomla Component?

14 years 6 months ago #11 by nant
Beat brought this one to my attention. The site ByOs Technologies has developed (and sells) a Joomla hack to add ACL functionality to Joomla 1.0.3 (and previous versions). They also have a hack to allow CB RC1 to take advantage of this. The interesting aspect is that the have a front-page poll titled: Which component you think is the most popular component for Joomla!? Options include: Joom!Fish, JoomlaBoard, Community Builder, DOCMAN and others. The results of the poll (at the time of this writing) show that Community Builder is the most popular of all! Wow! I was impressed!

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14 years 6 months ago #31 by Machiel
I've also voted for CB looking forward to the release :D:D:D

Best Regards

CB tester
14 years 6 months ago #47 by hayco
I think you have the best modul ever. Why? CB is very useful and i hope you will develop this tool to the next level....:laugh:


14 years 6 months ago #60 by rick
My vote is also in for the Best of the Best :P


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