We use CB RC3 on our site theplanetjoomla.com

13 years 1 week ago #76418 by cci4me
We are trying to gain interest and support for pojects like yours. Our web site theplanetjoomla.com is made for people who want to learn share information and links to their web sites. To sign up is FREE. This lets people add video, blog, and infomation about anything Joomla or open source. We have listed the best components and modules info and asking people to share thier knowlege and iformatiom too. we also help Design and maintenance web sites. We are working with the latest tools to make the best sites we can. Joomla is our design tool of choice and we think it has lots to offer everyone. visit and join -- theplanetjoomla.com -- today.

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13 years 1 week ago #76422 by nant
[mod note: moved from CB 1.2 RC3 area to CB showcase area]

Nice job.

One note - if you do not hold copyright to attached image (most likely not) then please edit your post and delete the image.

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13 years 1 week ago #76478 by Lightme
Why are u spamming u allready showed your site
in this showcase toppic. Next too that its
too many overlapping just the look of the site
i dont like it maybe other do.

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