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11 years 3 months ago #160979 by cescobiz
user import was created by cescobiz
hi all, i'm new... i'm try to export all users from MySQL (jos_users and jos_comprofiler).

- user imported
- no errors
- try to see in the joomla administation all my users (8778)
- i have only one user, the superadministrator
- i have 438 pages of users but no user are visible...

there is something wrong ? have i forget something to do ?!?

thanks in advance for help


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11 years 3 months ago #160991 by druskus
Replied by druskus on topic Re: user import
Hello Cesco which version of joomla are we talking about the 1.5 or 1.6? if the 1.6 should change the number in joomla 1.5 id the id of departure is 62 superadmin as initial and follow up all other users and you should not have any kind of problem you should import all the tables com_comprofile com_comprofiler field com_comprofiler_plugin etc. etc. for the import of the core members must import joomla joomla 1.6 jos_user jos_acl_core_maps jos_acl_core_group in the initial id is 42 and you could use the components suitable for migration but to this day still have problems.

Ciao Cesco di quale versione di joomla stiamo parlando la 1.5 o la 1.6? se fosse la 1.6 dovresti modificare il numero id in joomla 1.5 l'id di partenza è 62 come superadmin iniziale e a seguire in crescita tutti gli altri utenti e non dovresti avere alcun tipo di problema dovresti importare tutte le tabelle di com_comprofile com_comprofiler field com_comprofiler_plugin ecc ecc per l'importazione utenti del core di joomla devi importare jos_user jos_acl_core_maps jos_acl_core_group in joomla 1.6 l'id iniziale è il 42 e potresti utilizzare i componenti di migrazione idonei ma al giorno d'oggi riscontro ancora problemi. Supporto Italiano per Community Builder

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