Hove to clear a "date" field?

14 years 1 week ago #1441 by perbau
I have a date field on my userprofiles. But i can't seem to find how to clear the field?

It's only posible to enter data via the kalender popup.

Any ideás?


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14 years 14 hours ago #2066 by perbau
No one?
14 years 14 hours ago #2069 by trail
there is currently no way to clear that field with CB.

(you can dive into phpmyadmin ofcourse.)

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13 years 11 months ago #2379 by alexwalker
I need to enter the date manually without using the calendar popup. I am adding dates for the anniversaries of peoples deaths (using CBbirthday module). Entering the 01/01/1939 is real problem ! I can't use phpadmin, as I am not familiar enough with bypasing the registration process. See www.lrcd.org.uk under clergy anniversaies on the right to see what I am doing. Any suggestions of how to enter a date manually in the date field?
13 years 8 months ago #9529 by rswennen
I would like to disable the calendar popup also.

I have users that whenever they use the calendar popup and submit something to the website the page crashes and they get a server not available error for several minutes.

Has anyone experienced the same problem ?
If this is a general error this is major since birthdate fields are often on the egistration page, meaning that registration will fail due to this.



PS he is using WIndows XP and internet exporer 6.0
13 years 2 months ago #21188 by joomlaz

Is there a solution for this?
Thanx for help.

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