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13 years 4 months ago #19749 by alimalik
I am just new to joomla community builder. Currently I am working for a perfact community solution . As far as I know one good combination was using vbulletin with the phpfox , but due to certain factors I can't use PHPFOX.

Vbulletin is the best forum script ( you will second me). They have great support, separate hackinhg site in the form of vbulletin.org . There are many complications regarding phpfox.

they have a very limited support. The most striking thing is when you buy 300$ script .NO UPDATES INCLUDED in the deal. they time and again release new versions and there is a m upgrade fee of 50$ . More over every feature like arcade system is sold for 50$+ ( i don't know the exact price). It is said about phpfox time and again that You have to pay them again and again or to live with the Bugs if any.

Then I forund joomla ( developed by 30,000 + developers ) every minute as an opensource. Joomla+ community builder was the best alternative to the PHPFOX etc.
I bought vbulletin integrated that with joomla + community builder using a paid module.

I want my fellows ( you) to help me out in a little thing to do. Here are the details

CB profile URL after mod rewrite is www.joomlepolis.com/memberID
Vbulletin Profile ID is : www.joomlapolis.com/forum/members.php?u=123
Provided USER ID is same on both scripts.

How Can I redirect vbulletin member's profiles pages to the CB member's profile pages

one of the PHPFOX member done that as follows ( vbulletin integration is introduced in the latest version only at phpfox)

// This redirects the member profile to PHPFOX
// this should replace member.php in the vb forums directory. (make a backup of the old member.php)
// you need to make sure the usernames are the same in phpfox and vBulletin
// e.g. username in vb is Kicksome, user in phpfox is Kicksome
// this looks up the member's name in the vb table and then retrieves the
// member id from the phpfox table and redirects.

if (isset($_GET["u"])) { $userid = $_GET["u"]; } else {$userid = "1";}

$g_dbconnection = "";
$g_dbusername = "root";
$g_dbpassword = "DBPASSWORDHERE";
$g_dbdatabase = "VBDATABASEHERE";
$link1 = mysql_pconnect($g_dbconnection, $g_dbusername, $g_dbpassword);

// connect to VB
if (!$link1) { die('Could not connect to: ' . $g_dbdatabase . mysql_error()); }
if (! mysql_select_db($g_dbdatabase) ) { echo "<P>Unable to locate the database: " . $g_dbdatabase . " at this time.</P>"; exit(); }

$query="select userid, username, password from user where userid = '" . $userid . "'";

if (!$result1) { echo("<P>Error performing query: " . mysql_error() . "</P>"«»); exit(); }

if ($num_rows = mysql_num_rows($result1) == 0) echo "no rows....";
$num_rows = mysql_num_rows($result1);
$row = mysql_fetch_assoc($result1);
$username = $row;

// now connect to phpfox
$g_dbdatabase = "PHPFOXDATABASEHERE";
$link1 = mysql_pconnect($g_dbconnection, $g_dbusername, $g_dbpassword);

if (!$link1) { die('Could not connect to: ' . $g_dbdatabase . mysql_error()); }
if (! mysql_select_db($g_dbdatabase) ) { echo "<P>Unable to locate the database: " . $g_dbdatabase . " at this time.</P>"; exit(); }

$query2="select id from user where user = '" . $username . "'";
if (!$result2) { echo("<P>Error performing query: " . mysql_error() . "</P>"«»); exit(); }

if ($num_rows2 = mysql_num_rows($result2) == 0) echo "no rows....";
$num_rows2 = mysql_num_rows($result2);
$row2 = mysql_fetch_assoc($result2);

$user = $row2;

header("Location: www.YOURSITEHERE.com/profile.php?id= " . $user); /* Redirect browser */


can any one plz help me out in this case. I need your support badly
Lookin for good response


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13 years 4 months ago #20378 by baGGy
hey alimalik,

just a question.. which plugin do you use?
13 years 3 months ago #22471 by SlideRiceFC
First off Joomla is a great choice. I've run a few sites with it and loved it and the community support is one of the great aspects of it. ANd you certainly can't beat the price!

Second, phpFoX while as commerical software does leave much to be desired I have to come to their defense a bit. First off, when you purchase the software you get support as long as you're running the latest supported version. There is NO $50 upgrade fee. They charge $50 for installation if you need it although personally I don't think anyone that can't install it themselves have any busy operating a site like that. Lastly, $50 here and there for modifications...that's half truth. Those mods are not created or supported by phpFoX staff. It's entirely up to the coder whether they want to charge $50 for a mod or give it away.
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