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14 years 2 months ago #3315 by andyahoo
I went to download a avatar scroller at The have modules and plugins for something called CBE. (Community Builder Enhanced).

Is this a stand alone CB lookalike or an addon for CB. I couldn't even find the main file on their site. I found a link in the forum for which had some files.

Being a noob and all I'm not sure what the relationship is between the CB and CBE. Some of the things they have there are already offered here. Like the new Latest Visitor plugin by Trail. They have the same thing described there but authored by someone else.

They have a link for Hacks and integrations which has CB stuff. Then there is a seperate link for downloads which has CBE stuff.

Could someone shed some light on this?


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14 years 2 months ago #3321 by nant
I guess the team has to issue some official statement about this (for all new people).

In the meantime ...
The code presented on the site you mentioned originated from CB 1.0 beta 4 code. This was provided as opensource and MrJeff decided to make alot of changes and started the site to offer it to the community as CBE. As far as I know MrJeff never tried to contact and collaborate with the CB Team at the time - he just started this effort. At this point the CBE is a CB fork. To be fair the effort did demonstrate alot of the true potential that CB offered and presented some functionality ahead of the CB Teams envisioned roadmap but it has divided the community.

This is all I want to say at this time.
Please PM me for additional offline comments and discussion and please lets not get lost with this - we need to focus on all the neat stuff in the works!
14 years 2 months ago #3330 by andyahoo
After searching around their site for a while I thought that something like that might have happened. It's confusing for the noobs. I think I'm out of kindergarten now though.:blush:

Thanks for the help!!

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14 years 2 months ago #3338 by Kampp

It's confusing for the noobs

Hehe, don't you mean "newbs" as in newbie. "Noobs" means nobodies as in nothing worth ;)


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14 years 2 months ago #3353 by andyahoo
Newb was to hard to spell.

Got this from Wikipedia

Newb vs. noob

Newb and noob may have somewhat different connotations. Newbs are simply newcomers—noob and n00b, on the other hand, generally means someone who is obnoxious, annoying, or breaks the rules; whether they are actual newcomers or not is mostly irrelevant. Therefore, a noob may be someone who has been around for a time but still engages in behavior that he or she should have learned is unacceptable. Noobs are generally confident in what they are doing, but in reality are annoying others. "Newb" is not necessarily an insulting word, but "noob" is.

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