no "user system" appearing in zoom

17 years 9 months ago #1839 by irgendwer
Replied by irgendwer on topic Re:no "user system" appearing in zoom
I changed the code too, but it didn't work.
Then searched the zoom forum.
This is the updated zoom.class.php which lets the user system appear (on my website).

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17 years 9 months ago #1880 by Limer
Replied by Limer on topic Re:no "user system" appearing in zoom
I replaced the file and uploaded it through the admin and I get UPLOAD FAILED!

../public_html/media/install_439c657c4bb19/lib/zoom.class.php does not exist

I don't know what I am doing wrong. I even uploaded the original files from zoom and just replace the zoom.class.php file and it ruins the whole component front ennd and backend with parse errors. I really don't know why pony gallery isn't the component of choice.

Zoom it too complex and it confuses people while pony gallery is a great gallery...

I also noticed that in the zoom thread you showed everyone struggling to fix the many things component and the mod from zoom only jumps in to say "please add you fixes" to the bug tracker so they can add to the next release...
It seems the zoom component is EXTREMLEY flawed and they are just sitting back like it's ok.
I know , I know it's free. But I rather pay for something that works like I did with PMS pro. Would the CB team sit back and wait weeks for somone else to solve a flaw in the code. I think not. It just makes people and add on modules dependent on a crappy product. If someone can ma a CB plugin for pony gallery THAT WOULD BE GREAT !!

Could the ZOOM Plugin be modified in some way to make it work with Pony Gallery ???

Thanks For all your help

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17 years 9 months ago #1882 by dsendecki
Replied by dsendecki on topic Re:no "user system" appearing in zoom
There'll be other plugins coming down the pipe -- and a new release from ZOOM.

It should happen soon.

I would imagine that a lot of these problems have to do with the ZOOM team not imagining the methods and the manners that there component would be used vis a vis the CB plugin API.

Hopefully the next release addresses some problems!

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17 years 9 months ago #1890 by PeterMixt
Replied by PeterMixt on topic Re: 'Itemid='
One of my recent dicoveries was the importance of what is assigned to the 'Itemid='. I now understand the 'Itemid=' controls the modules and the pathway and the permissions. So my question is what is "index.php?option=com_zoom&Itemid=32&page=upload" doing? In your address bar, try changing the Itemid=32 to several different values and see what happens. Say Itemid=1, and see if there is a difference. One my website I have one variation on a theme that places a 'Itemid=99999999' in the address and of course, one sees, 'You are not authorized to view this resource.'

Also Itemid= often follows what has happened before it. This means that is a user has permission to be somewhere, they may still get this, 'You are not authorized to view this resource' error depending on how your website fulfills it's requests as users migrate through it.



fusion93 wrote:

I also don't get the User System link showing up for registered users. In other words, only the admin account can access the Upload feature. I have given all registered users access and also set the "Show 'Upload Media'-link in User Menu" to Yes, yet no Upload/User system link shows for registered users except my admin account. This link "index.php?option=com_zoom&Itemid=32&page=upload" when added after my domain name, says I do not have permission to view resources under registered users, with my admin account it shows fine. I believe I have set all permissions correctly and I can't find anything else that would do the trick. Does anyone have any ideas what this might be? Thanks! :side:

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17 years 9 months ago #1893 by trail
Replied by trail on topic Re: 'Itemid='
one of the hacks i did in my zoom was hardcoding the item id..

else, my POLL module would bug when a ECARD was accessed.. coz the link that ppl got by email did not contain the itemid of zoom but was empty.. for some reason the POLL module (?) bugged out with a bug red sql error on that (?)..

I hardcoded the itemid and never looked back since:)

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17 years 9 months ago #2236 by smokemon
Replied by smokemon on topic Re: 'Itemid='
and how do you hard code itemid?

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