Zoom Gallery plugin and sorting issue

15 years 9 months ago #9299 by martas

I am a total novice, so please exuse me, if I ask wrong. But I need this:

I am using Community Builder and I have downloaded plug_zoom as a plugin. It works fine, but I need litle change...instead of showing picures uploaded by user, I need to show pictures which contains name of a user.

There is a code, which says, which photos show....in zhe plugin:

$queryGet = "SELECT zf.imgid, zf.imgfilename, zf.imgname, zf.imgdate, zf.imghits, zf.imgdescr, zf.published, zf.catid, zf.uid, z.catdir, z.catname";
$queryCount = "SELECT COUNT(zf.imgfilename)";
$queryRest = "\n FROM #__zoomfiles zf"
. "\n INNER JOIN #__zoom z ON zf.catid=z.catid"
. "\n WHERE zf.uid=".$user->id;
$queryLimit = "\n ORDER BY ".$order
. "\n LIMIT ".($pagingParams["img_limitstart"]?$pagingParams["img_limitstart"]:"0"«»).",".$imgNumberPerPage;[/code:1]

I gues, that [code:1]. "\n WHERE zf.uid=".$user->id;[/code:1]
is what I am looking for. So if I understand, I do not need uid of the user uploading photos, but I need imgname with the name of user....and than I have to change id to name. But If I change it to this: [code:1]
. "\n WHERE zf.imgname=".$user->name;[/code:1] it is not working...

I am trying to this, because all photos are uploaded by me - admin, so no one else can see his photos using this plugin. I wanted to change autor of photo, but I have about 5000 photos and changing uid on every line would be terrible job.

Please help me....

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