"Webpage Not Found" on SAVE User CSV

6 years 8 months ago #219000 by jciconsult
use the SAVE option on the main control page rather than the menu items.
6 years 8 months ago #219031 by flycoopfly
Thanks for the help, but I still had no luck. I uninstalled CB Juice version 3.0.2, installed version 2.06 and got the same problem.

Then I uninstalled 2.0.6 and installed 2.0.5 to try it but got the same problem.

I guess I will revert to exporting the users through PHP MyAdmin unless anyone else stumbles across this thread with the same problem and has the solution. Thank you.
6 years 3 weeks ago #232435 by sharad
Same here.

I am using Jommla 2.5.14 with CBJuice2 3.1.5. I tried uninstalling the current version and installing the older version but it was of no help.
6 years 3 weeks ago #232439 by wolverton
Don't use the menu item to save csv, go to 'Process CSVs', click on 'Save Users', then 'Process the CSV'. If that doesn't work, try enabling Joomla Error Reporting and/or Debug System then report back any errors.
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