Auto-recurring payment issues

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Still no success with my ARB subscriptions with

Has anyone out there successfully used CB Subs with and had their subscriptions stay in sync? Sadly I have to constantly manage subscriptions every single day, cross referencing with my ARB management on and making sure I reactive all the current subscriptions that expired unintentionally. Grace period helps so that the customer doesn't have to see the false expiration for the most part, but I do have to leave out the automatic emails for activation and expiration so that they don't get pestered or confused. Are there any use cases that the Joomlapolis Team could advise on? Specifically what is the best payment processor to use for ARB subscriptions? I just need a system that can stay in sync automatically, doesn't need to be perfect, but the fact of having to manage each subscription just is not productive. I would really appreciate any advice. CB Subs is great, but I cannot get it to work 100%. It looks like others are having the exact same issues. I am willing to switch payment processors if that is what I need to do. Thanks.

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