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9 years 9 months ago - 9 years 9 months ago #191659 by vincimoz

I'm sorry to insist about this issue discovered on CB1.1.2 but I didn’t receive solution to my last post on this subject (#173943). As I really need a solution, and as this issue continues in CB1.2.2, I decided to create a CB1.2.2 potential bug.

Perhaps my last explanations (#171920, #173943) weren't enough clear, so I reformulate it as below. Moreover, I discovered a new issue with CB1.2.2 (issue3 below).

My website is a general information newspaper web site created recently and working with several professional journalists. I integrated CBSubs to add revenues by subscription through several plans in order subscribers can access to all content.
Most of content requires subscription to be visible completely (main Joomla sections are reserved for subscribers).

Nevertheless, we need to put some specific contents - normally reserved to subscribers - in free access, by using a specific code inside content (<!-- !CBPAID ... --> called "Excluding article protection" in CBsubs manual v1.2 §

There are several issue with this code:

Issue1) Only super administrator account can add this "Excluding article protection" code inside content. So, currently, I need to give my login/pwd to editor in chief (currently with “administrator” account and in the future in “Publisher” account), no very safe! (Discovered with CBSubs 1.1.2 (my 1st version of CBSubs), and existing also with CBSubs 1.2.2).

My Question: How can I give the right - to editor in chief (with “Publisher” or “administrator” account) - to put by himself "Excluding article protection" code inside some content without giving my super administrator login/pwd?

Issue2) In the case editor in chief put a content in free access, then when journalist modifies content, then "Excluding article protection" code is removed inside content, and consequently, this content becomes no more in free access! (Discovered with CBSubs 1.1.2, and existing also with CBSubs 1.2.2)

Issue3) In the case editor in chief put a content in free access and this content contains hyperlink towards other contents reserved to subscriber, then all other contents become also in free access! (Discovered with CBSubs 1.2.2, and perhaps existing also in previous CBSubs version)

I thank you in advance to take time to answer me on these important issues for my website.

Best Regards,


PS My current configuration: Joomla 1.5.23 CB 1.7.1 CBsubs 1.2.2
#173943: www.joomlapolis.com/forum/88-usage/171920-excluding-article-protection-not-only-by-super-adm#171934

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9 years 9 months ago #191665 by beat
Hi vincimoz,

It looks like your HTML editor (or less probably Joomla itself) does filter html comments.

Depending on the HTML editor, your can set filtering rules on a per joomla ACL group level in the editor joomla plugin's or component's settings.

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