Renewal Year Date not Setting as Expected

4 years 4 months ago #276010 by douglas_driscoll@hotmail.

On my cycle club's website we have used CBSubs for some years. We recently upgraded to the latest version and went through our renewals process, where each member is asked to pay £25 per year. The users that renewed in December 2015 had their renewal date set at 31 December 2015, those who renewed in Jan 2016 have it set correctly as 31 Dec 2016.

I 'resolved' this issue by opening each affected user (those who renewed in Dec 2015) and selecting to reactivate their membership. I got the list of affected users by checking who had paid £25 through our PayPal gateway in Dec 2015.

So, all OK for now and no rush, but was wondering why this happened and if I need to change the settings to stop it happening at next year's renewals. We like to kick off the renewals process 1 month early as it takes a while chasing people.

Here are the Plan Settings:
Renewable in advance by: 1 month
Grace period before real expiration: 1 month
Manual renewal extends expiration date as follows: Renewal starts at expiration date or at payment date - whichever happens first (allow overlap but no free gap).

One other thing of note is that that plan did not have an Access Group set following a site migration. This is now set to public but when we saw the issue it was set to "[Deleted User Group id 29]".

Any guidance appreciated :)

Thanks Chris Murray.
Verulam CC

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