Forgive my Ignorance!

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Forgive my Ignorance! was created by Goob
I'm new to Joomla (long time Xoops User) and really new to CB (great work guys on getting the release out).

Anyway, I have some questions - been waiting to ask them until this release came out. (yes, i have searched and read other threads) :P It's just nice to get other perspectives, etc..

[forget this question]Question: The Personal Info Tab here at JP, is this an addon or module? Is this also tied into the extended "registration info" you see when reg'n here at JP?[/forget this question] (figured it out)

Blog Suggetions: I currently am leaning towards Joomblog for the users blog tool. It has a CB plugin - Any other (other than mamblog) suggestions?

Those are my two main ?'s atm. Again, I appreciate any insight you provide!

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