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12 years 10 months ago #29989 by RwR
I installed Community Builder in my website, i did everything that was saying in the readme file. But there is a problem. My website is hosted in , and i think that it blocks some words, like Proxy, Paypal, and other words about money. I think CB uses one or more of that words because wen i try to enter in my website it redirects me to the awardspace home page, that is wat hapens wen there are blocked words in pages.

Can you help Me please!!???
12 years 10 months ago #30018 by Switch
Your host filetrs your website? Well that will teach you to have rubbish hosting.

Honestly I have never heard of a host doing that, unless it is a free host.

Anyway, can you be more specific? What exactly happens? Does the site redirect on every page, or only on CB pages? etc...
11 years 2 months ago #76245 by juap2
I need help too... i have the same problem.

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