How do you let users create /publish articles?

15 years 9 months ago #34927 by nant
randyhunt wrote:

When user logs in, where would the link be for the user to create/publish an article?
I can't find it anywhere.

It is usually placed in the user menu area - or better yet an authors menu area (accessible by special group). However you need to place it there.
Typically you would create a menu item pointing to Submit Content.

I purchased the subscription and read the 126 page document, and I still don't know!

Thank you for your support. This document discusses CB and assumes that the reader has Joomla knowledge.

Can someone tell me about letting registered users create articles?

Joomla supports authors (and above) as content submitters. I think there are some extensions that allow registered users to submit content (search the extensions site).

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15 years 9 months ago #34928 by p9939068
To give your authors better control over their content, try myContent:,com_mtree/task,viewlink/link_id,564/Itemid,35/

Mike Feng
Creator of SIMGallery, SIMAnswers, and ParaInvite

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15 years 9 months ago #34983 by randyhunt
Thank you for helping. I had a brain cramp.
All the time the article writing ability was in Joomla, and I didn't have it published. Please forgive :blush:
Thanks again

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14 years 8 months ago #63504 by grsshppr_km
Replied by grsshppr_km on topic Re:How do you let users create /publish articles?
If you have not already, you will need to give the user's a link to submit content. Usually this shows up under the user menu. Menu->User Menu
Click New, on the bottom left there is an option to Submit Content, click it and give the menu link a name, like "Submit an Article"
You can set the access level, but the user will already have to be logged in to see it anyways.
Click the section you would like to them to provide (i.e. News, Newsflash, FAQ) If you want them to have access to the other options, you will have to create additional links for each section.
Then save it. It will then show up in the User Menu once the person has logged in. If they are just a Registered user, they will not be able to access it. You will have to access the User Manager to give them Author status.

Good luck

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14 years 1 month ago #81592 by focuspub
On my profile it shows only one of my published articles, and another profile does not show the author's published articles. The article links to the author's profile, but the author's profile shows "This user has no published articles."

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance for your time and help.

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