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14 years 4 months ago #79338 by chezzo
About to build a site using CB was created by chezzo
Hello. I am about to build a joomla site for s scientific organisation, that needs a forum, a membership (by subscription) system, a member profile area, a situations vacant feature, a monthly newsletter, an e-shop (I think that's about it) and it seems Community Builder would be able to do a lot of what I want.

My question at this stage is about the building blocks. I probably need to use AEC Membership (unless CB has one) and would like to ask whether I'd be better to use joomla 1.5 with these or joomla 1.0.15. and which version of CB tp use?

I fully intend to buy the CB documentation subscription to answer questions on the way, but I really wanted to ask more experienced developers before I do that, about the best route to take in this scenario?

Many thanks

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