I Messed up on upgrade to 1.0.1- Any hope?

17 years 3 months ago #19219 by ikt
Excellent... I will let you know how it works out for me.
Thanks for your time Nick!

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17 years 3 months ago #19239 by ikt
I'd like to say it was all very simple, and it should have been per your instructions, but I ran into a problem when ftp'ing files. I ended up removing all instances on my server that I could see of community builder and then just went in to the backend and installed it as I would have for a first time install. It is all up there now, but I haven't done anything such as synchronizing users, etc (should I have done this?).... strange enough though, even with taking everything out and starting over, my members are still in there, all of the profiles, pm's, etc. are still in tact. I figured that would all be lost when I removed the files... hmmmm

Can I assume that if it shows my latest version as being 1.0.1 on the backend that I am safe as far as security goes?

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