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17 years 3 months ago #19588 by pcgs
I've been doing some reading and a couple of things don't add up. So before I do any more damage to my site, thought I'd try to ask. First of all know that I am currently using Joomla 1.0.10, Joomlaboard 1.1.2 Stable, and CB 1.0 RC 2.

Question One:
In another posting and in the CB 1.0.1 README.txt file I noticed mention of changing directory permissions:

DIRECTORY/FILE OWNERSHIP/PERMISSIONS (common joomla/mambo problem):

If you have uploaded Community Builder by ftp to the web server without changing directory permissions or ownership, you should ask your hoster to do so first, otherwise mambo/joomla will not be able to delete old files on uninstall in step 3 below.

However neither the CB1.0_STABLE-INST.pdf or the CB_1.0_STABLE-1.pdf documentation mention anything about changing directory permissions in the installation process. Do I need to change the chmod directory permissions before my upgrade? If yes, to which directory(s)? What settings?

Question Two:
In the aforementioned README.txt file in step 2 it says I might want to backup my cb template. Where is it? Would it also be located in my administrator/components/com_comprofiler directory? If so, I guess I didn't modify CB in that way.

Anyway, thanks in advance to anyone who may answer my questions. I really need to upgrade. Been hacked several times now and need to take care of this right away.

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