Error when installing 1.0RC2_plug_cbprofilegallery

17 years 3 months ago #19783 by sbernst
CB Team and Community,

I love this application. Fabulous. It makes so many things possible with Joomla. Thank you.

I did have one issue when installing the cb profile gallery this evening, though on a new site:

In addition to having a couple of directories not created / permissions not set automatically(I followed the comments from the installation window to fix that, thanks for those), I received the following SQL error message:

[code:1]SQL error: moscomprofilertabs::«»store failed
Unknown column \'pluginclass\' in \'field list\' SQL=INSERT INTO iatv_jos_comprofiler_tabs ( `title`,`description`,`ordering`,`pluginclass`,`pluginid`,`fields`,`position`,`displaytype` ) VALUES ( \'_pg_ProfileGalleryManagement\',\'_pg_ProfileGalleryManagement_Desc\',\'2\',\'getProfileGalleryManagementTab\',\'504\',\'0\',\'cb_tabmain\',\'tab\' )[/code:1]

Ok. This being said. I did make the reccomended changes on the 'installation:success' screen of the CB Plugin installer and then went back, deleted the plugin, and re-installed it until no more directory or file permission errors showed. No matter what though, I can't get the SQL error to go away.

It even looks like it's saying: I don't see the 'pluginclass' column, but the list on the right clearly shows it being present. (see attached .jpg)

So I'm at a loss as to how to fix this. Any ideas?

Steven in San Antonio
sbernst (at) g mail dot com

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17 years 3 months ago #19784 by sbernst
JoomlaBoard wouldn't let me re-add my file to the original post, so here it is: a .jpg in a .zip (since I couldn't attach the screenshot either...)


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17 years 3 months ago #19787 by nant
Looking into the problem - in the meantime does everything appear to work?

The problem is that you probably did a manual upgrade from RC1 to RC2 without the database upgrade.

Your best bet at this point is to unistall your current version and reinstall CB 1.0.1 and the database will probably be handled dusing the reinstallation.

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