Joomla install failure

17 years 3 months ago #20000 by sabbok
Joomla install failure was created by sabbok

I've tried twice now, going to try one more time tonight to see if I can make this work. I've followed the instructions on the readme that comes with the package, and also followed the instructions under downloads/documentation.

The line above is what I get when I try to login after installing the package but with a 404 error. And now that I've looked further, all links on my page are broken giving 404 errors as soon as I install this package. I figured I would keep it simple and just use the default joomla template just to get things going and play with templates after I have a successful install of CB.

The administration side works perfectly fine, and if I remove CB, everything starts working again. I'm guessing it's probably something I missed, but I can't see what it is given the fact that I've been through the install twice, followed instructions, rechecked, had my buddy recheck, still messed.

This is the only mod I've put on from a base Joomla install. Would Mambo be a better choice even though they are essentially the same thing?

Anyhow any ideas would be helpful. Thanks.


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17 years 3 months ago #20028 by sabbok
Replied by sabbok on topic Re:Joomla install failure
I cannot get this to work with Joomla. Tried latest stable release of Mambo - Works perfect. Have no idea why, 3 installs of Joomla and CB, no go. 1 Install of Mambo and CB - Perfect. No idea at all why this would be.

From my understanding they are pretty much the same thing (joomla/mambo) aside from some features and structure but both on a minor scale.

Any ideas?:P

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