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mypms issues - CB & Fireboard was created by Scotsgait
I am a completely newbie to CB and Joomla and have been muddling my way through the one or two issues which arose in their installations. However, I am COMPLETELY foxed by this one - I just cannot get the PMS service to work.

On Fireboard 1.0.1, I have the integration settings as follows

Avatar Integration - CB
Profile Settings - CB
PM Component - myPMS II Open Source
CB User Profiles - YES

On CB 1.0.2, I have the following set :

Plugin - PMS MyPMS and Pro installed and published, with component type "myPMS Open Source"

Tab Manager - Quick Message installed and published

I can't see anything else which I should be doing. However, the tab settings are coming up with code references, rather than names and I'm wondering if that that's where the problem lies. The references are:

In Tab Manager

Tab Title - _UE_PMSTAB

In Plug-in Manager

PMS Send Menu/Link text: _UE_PM_USE
PMS Send Menu/Link Description: _UE_MENU_PM_USER_DESC

Any solutions welcomed !



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