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I am with ericc on this one. It makes sense to me that approval workflows across Joomla/CB follow the same workflow. It just depends on how you cut it. Developers are always taking narrow views depending on what perpective they come from (myself included). Rather than simply dismissing ericc as not understanding take on board his views.

I too have not yet come to grips with what CB is actually offering. The downloadable doco helped install but not use. I know I can pay and receive more but as I don't know what it can do yet I am reluctant to pay.

I too am looking for what connections are.

Anyway. What I have seen looks good so keep it up. Lets hope I can work out how I can use it.


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I can see where both of you are coming from as I was a little confused when i first installed CB and tried to work out what to do with it as I was also new to Joomla and trying to learn how both worked at once.

The name of the component "Community Builder" should really give you a clear idea of it's main purpose. It is to expand the users interaction with a site and give them a sense of user identity within a site based community.

It's purpose is not to control or alter the main content management system of Joomla, that is the role of the main site and backend. It is instead to add the ability for users to create their own identity. For them to have a personal space on the site. To add an image to their profile, information about themselves, connect their profile to other users profiles using connections so they can quickly call a list of their site based friends, the ability for them and visitors to their profile to quickly see the articles that user has written for the site, and the ability to add more modules to CB to expand it even further.

I have used many third party modules with CB to add users personal blogs, their own personal image gallery, a list of their marketplace adverts, Awards they have been given from the site, high scores they have achieved from playing on the sites arcade and many more.

I think you are looking at CB from the wrong perspective. It is not so much a tool for a sites development team to use to control the userbase and the sites content. It is an expansion of a members identity and personality on a site.

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I have the same problem, where I can validate the items that my users upload? The only way I've found is visiting each profile but, there's another way??

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I haven't looked into where else, if any to validate the items that users upload. I've got a small community, for now, so I can still visit each profile, however, I don't feel the need to police too much due to the nature of our site. I do, however, see the need for a central place. If there is one, please, someone let us know.
The reason I wanted to post however, is that I've seen the confusion for the users below. Here is my use for CB and I find it to be THE MOST IMPORTANT component on my Joomla installation.

It allows me to add more fields and tabs to separate those fields to the user's profile. Our site is used to inventory resources available by each member that could be use in a disaster (Amateur Radio equipment and capability, generators, chainsaws, etc.). As long as the members keep the information up to date, it is very accurate. I've also integrated the Google Maps Component, that load a CB plugin called geocode into CB. This allows the members to be displayed on a map, which works perfectly. The site is a private members only site or I would give you the link so you can see what I mean.
So in short, CB is a critical component that really does allow an administrator to Build a Community as he/she sees fit. So It's not just a change in the login component.
With that said, I still don't quite understand the CB Workflows module. Probably because I've never enabled it and so far haven't needed it. It may make things even easier for me though, so I think I'll look into it.

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