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14 years 3 weeks ago #328 by jlkettwig
It would be great if Security images were included into CB. They can form part in the registration process, Login-Module, Forum Posts, comments, contact information, etc.

The project is located at:

Maybe there could be a cooperation with the developer of this component.

Also have a look at:

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14 years 2 weeks ago #725 by bogus
yes, this would be definetly an added value to CB
14 years 2 weeks ago #757 by trail
This feature can relatively easily be integrated using our strong plugin API..

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14 years 4 days ago #1772 by malabarka
Any chance you can explain how or point to any direction to add SecurityImages 2.0.0 to CB?
13 years 10 months ago #5779 by averan
i second the motion,

can you point us in the right direction for using this mysterious API to integrate this wonderful component?

i'm trying to figure out from other plugins how this API actually works so that i can integrate security images into the comprofiler registration.

if everything else fails i'm just gonna hack into the comprofiler.html.php files, but i'd prefer to create a solution that others can easily adopt.
13 years 10 months ago #5793 by mikko
You need to do two things. First, you take the code that produces the image and the corresponding cipher or key and put that code inside funtion showregistration (see the plugin apu docs)

Then you take function onbeforeuserregistration and put the code that checks the image there. If the image does not match to the userinput, you return error and the user is not created.

If you know the security images code this should be mostly copy-pasteing.

Another option is to call securityimages functions from the plugin.

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