CB Gallery Module - Parameters & Features

17 years 2 months ago #17699 by nant
As promised, now that testing is progressing and I have reached a (much needed) feature freeze regarding the first release of the CB Gallery Module (designed to work with the CB Gallery plugin - aka nant's gallery plugin) I have compiled a not so short list of module parameters. These parameters will help people understand the features that this module has packed into it.

You will noticed that I really got carried away with this ... and still I am positive that someone will show up and ask for something missing - lol ...

Ok, the parameters are basically organized in 6 sections and contain the following parameters:
  • Display Mode (Static, JS Conveyor Belt Scroller)
  • Gallery Search Ordering (Random, Newest, Oldest, Largest, Smallest)
  • Date Filter (None, Last X days, This week, This month)
  • Number of Days (basically the X in the previous option)
  • Gallery Filter Option (None=All Approved and Published Items, Public view=All items viewable by public, Registered and public view=All items viewable by public and registered members, Registered view only=All items viewable by registered members only, Connected view only=All items viewed by connected members, User connected items only=Only connected items to current user, All non-approved published items, All non-approved non-publushed items)
  • List of userids (this is a comma delimitted list of userids to filter on)
  • Number of items (number of maximum items to retrieve)
  • Gallery item types (list of items types to filter on - default is jpg,gif,png,bmp)
  • Gallery item width (width to resize gallery item thumbnail)
  • Gallery item height (height to resize gallery item)
  • Static box style (styling to use for container box surrounding the item - default:border:1px solid;padding:5px;)
  • Static layout option (Center verticle, left vertical, left horizontal)
  • Gallery item header (None, Gallery item title, description, date, size)
  • Gallery item header parameters (4 comma delimited values - default: [,10,...,] - this means that the item will start with [ be followed by at most 10 chars of the item header field, followed by ... (if the header field is more than 10 chars and then the char ])
  • Gallery Header link (no, yes=link to user profile)
  • Gallery Item Header Style (default:background:#BDBDBD;color:#555555;)
  • Gallery item link (yes=link image back to profile)
  • Gallery item display parameters (extra height, width to be added to the image dimensions set previously)
  • Gallery item footer (see header options)
  • Gallery item footer parameters (see header)
  • Gallery footer link (see header)
  • Gallery footer style (see header)
  • Galleryitem date style (default:%d %b %Y)
  • Scroller width
  • Scroller speed
  • Scroller height
  • Scroller background color
  • Scroller image gap
  • Scroller slideshow gap

In my mind I believe that the above combination should satisfy 99% of the public.

Depending on the progress of the testers this module along with the next plugin version will be release soon.

Hope this is enough to set expectations ...

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17 years 2 months ago #17708 by jeffason
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17 years 2 months ago #17742 by Raj
Great job, Nick. Truly awesome.


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17 years 2 months ago #17868 by nbf78
Hi Nick,

Really sounds great!!! Thanks for all the awsum work.

I don't want to sound demanding. But this could make things a lot easier for the Admin. Will the approval tab be implemented in the next release?

It would be nice to have something like the moderator module, where all galleries to be approved are together at one place. Or only the names of the users whose galleries are to be to be approved would be sufficient.

Or maybe something like some access levels have permission for uploading images in the gallery while other access levels cannot upload images in gallery. People using JACLPlus can take advantage of this.

Thanks a lot!!!

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17 years 2 months ago #17871 by nant
Approval tab not in RC2 maybe next release.

As for other features, please post artifact (describe your feature as detailed as possible).

RC2 is in the last phases of testing - already planning RC3!

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17 years 1 month ago #18221 by montana
Replied by montana on topic Re:CB Gallery Module - Parameters & Features
Another Great Work Nant!

This Gallery and CB is the Reason why I use Joomla and Im a Big FAN,

Coders never understood me and since years my projekts never gone online,

And now I work on couple projekts at the sametime ,and everything is going fine.. :P

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