How to clear CB Gallery Quota Marks

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How to clear CB Gallery Quota Marks was created by Oishiku
One user previously had difficulty uploading photos to CB Profile Gallery. Images were being submitted, a folder had been created for the user and the quota showed that the space was being consumed, but no images appeared in the profile on the Gallery tab (or even randomly in the module).

I deleted the photos from the folder, and subsequently, the folder itself, but the quota marks on the CB Gallery tab continues to read…

[Your current quota marks: 4/10 items 255/1024 Kbytes (24% consumed - 76% free)]

The folder , however, is empty.

I was also having difficulty saving user update information in the backend and got the error message regarding “pglasupdate”. Re: Unknown column 'cb_pglasupdate' in 'field list'

I found information here at the forums about inserting the /t/ (--> pglastupdate) and the next picture that the user attempted to upload to the CB gallery showed up and worked fine. So now with plasupdate corrected, there is no problem with the uploaded photos showing in the profile.

Now, however, the user’s storage starts at 76% free.

How can we clear the quota marks? Any and all suggestions are welcome. It’s a neat plugin.

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