Bug at: Allow Moderator FE Uploads: field

12 years 2 months ago #115850 by nant
ronsta wrote:

this may be of some use to the devs....

I was having the same problem and hoped that by uninstalling and reinstalling the plugin it might fix the problem. So i did that and sure enough it did work! :)

However :( it didn't last for long because as soon as I changed some of the config options back to the way I had it before, it stopped working again.

Therefore, it only works with the default options selected.

After a little more testing, I narrowed it down to the "Allow Access Mode Override" option.
If that option is set to NO, then admin can't upload images from the front end.
If that option is set to YES then admin can upload images from front end.

Does that work for anybody else??

Post edited by: ronsta, at: 2009/11/03 13:55

Post edited by: ronsta, at: 2009/11/03 13:55

Thank you for your debugging efforts - I will take a closer look and report back asap.

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