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has anyone use this new Group Jive Component ? is it ok or any bugs?

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Hi there,

The whole GroupJive project has been stalled for a while after the 1.1 release. The main-developer SPHHolmes has been too busy with his own site so the project was put aside. Now another involved person (Anna Tannenberg (Fluffy5)) has recieved the torch of the project and is working with some others to release a new version of the project.

The 1.5 Alpha has been floting around their forums for awile already and Anna has placed it in the main-download section to make it more "findable" to recieve feedback about bugs and so on...

I haven't tested it thoroughly but it looks ok... But remember this is an alpha-version... Imho this comes before beta, so I guess it can have some bugs...

Also the 1.1 version that was released as stable wasn't stable at all. I'm rightnow finishing up a kind of fork of the 1.1 release that should be seen as AS (almost stable) before I take a look at the 1.5 alpha or others. Maybe I signup with the project to join them...



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D*mn, I took to long to write and was logged out in the meantime! :pinch:
Oh well, better keep it short then. The alpha is about as stable, maybe more, than the 1.1, as it is mainly a bugfix with some additional features. The main reason why it's an alpha is because I have a long list of features I want to add, and groupjive won't go into beta before they have all been integrated. However, I want to make new releases every now and then for testing (by others than myself).

mischa, you are welcome aboard the project if you want to and have some coding experience or just as an official tester.

Oh, and I'd like to welcome you all and myself to this nice new forum! :)


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15 years 7 months ago #22393 by rikoos
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2mischa: Will you also distribute your own (unbugged ;)) version of 1.1? Hope so ;)


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