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13 years 9 months ago #77711 by stepson
roadmap status was created by stepson
Hallo !

I'm preparing a freshly build new site, and I decided to go ahead with J1.5.x and the most of the native components I can.
I have installed CB1.2RC3 that is nearly a "stable release".
I need group functionalities, and I wonder if it interesting to start with the existing GJ.16beta, or if it is better to wait for the test-release of the "new" GJ....

Is there a roadmap planned or not ?
If we speak in days/weeks, I'll wait, but if we speak in monthes, I'll start with GJ1.6beta as I will not be able to wait so long.

If it is a question too often asked, and boring, I really apologise. I do not ask for an exact date, but just an overall look to the current situation as I have read that a closed group of tester is already hunting the bugs, I interpret this as : a pre-release will be there soon.... and I'm really excited to be able to test it

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13 years 9 months ago #77821 by thesailor
Replied by thesailor on topic Re:roadmap status
I too have been looking for an answer to this question - when will it be release - or canb we just use existing relase... I have several new projects started using the new joomla and need GJ or simialr product - even if it must be for a paid subscription - I certainly support all groups who produce clean, fast, safe code that helps us with our sites... I was excited to hear the CB core team was taking over GrouJive... I know they will release something great - but I am not sure what to tell customers or what I should expect as far as a roadmap and time frame...

Hey =- whoever is responsible for this integration - please let me know if I can donate some $$ to kick start some dev time on this very important project... perhaps others will join me and kick in a couple hundred here and there... even a $20 here and there from the thousands of people that use this should help!

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13 years 9 months ago #77894 by stefanrenne
Replied by stefanrenne on topic Re:roadmap status
groupjive olready got $2707 for making a J1.5 native groupjive


(ps I'm a cb tester now and I would like to test groupjive 1.5 2:silly:)

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