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12 years 4 months ago #47277 by growerspro
Is there a way to setup Community builder
in order to have an itemid at the end of the registration

at present when someone registers successfully, the message says "you may now login"

but the Url does not have any Itemid.

thus we can not define any modules to be shown at the end of the registration. (without confirmation link)

and if for some reasons we do not want to set the cb login module published setting to "all"

that page is pretty useless since there is no Itemid thus nothing appears on that page in terms of module.

thus users have to go back to the home page to find
the cb login module

is there a solution ?

PS: the requirement is to have the cb login module ONLY on specific page , thus the answer can not be "publish to all" . I need to be able to work with an Itemid

what file would i have to modify in order to return
the link with an Itemid in it ?

seems standard joomla but apparently not for cb.

12 years 4 months ago #47313 by beat
CB adds the appropriate ItemId when it can do so.

For that you need to have the CB Profile menu item created (README point 8) ), and set to public (even if the menu containing it is not visible or not of public access).

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12 years 3 months ago #49902 by ffaabbss
it is actually very easy to achieve all you want with some tricks ;)

as CB has the "Problem" that it does not add itemids to some pages I didi it like this. I want to display different module on the same position for the different CB pages. SO you need to set each of those modules to "all" and then in your template index.php you narrow it down with javascript whether the module should display:
You can use almost all parts of the url like "task", "option", "user"... Just look at the urls CB generates and choose the value you need.
all the values after the "REQUEST" in the following code are part of CB urls.

if ( $_REQUEST == "usersList" ) {
mosLoadModules('your module position', -1);}
else if ( $_REQUEST == "userProfile" ) {
mosLoadModules('headerCB_P', -1);}
else if ( $_REQUEST == "userDetails" ) {
mosLoadModules('headerCB_D', -1);}
else if ( $_REQUEST == "manageConnections" ) {
mosLoadModules('headerCB_C', -1);}
else if ( $_REQUEST == "com_comprofiler_invite" ) {
mosLoadModules('headerCB_I', -1);}
else {
mosLoadModules('headerCB', -1);}
php ?>[/code:1]

I hope that helps.
Of course u do not need the else if values. you can also just create many if statements.

for register u need [code:1]
if ( $_REQUEST == "registers"[/code:1]


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