Bulletin Board (friendster style) for CB???

16 years 4 months ago #48516 by jonde42
Krystofiak wrote:

Hey jonde42
in the download area CB Team you find a nice configurable guestbook = JoomlaJoes CB ProfileBook

Try this ;)

Good day Krystofiak,

ive been using JoomlaJoes CB Profilebook for a while now, but it just doesnt have the features im looking for. It is a great application for leaving comments on "a users profile" but im looking for something that will leave a comment on "everyones profile", meaning everyone in my connections list.

i looked at CB profilebooks configuration and i just dont see any configuration that will help me send or post a message on everyones profile.

profile a, b and c are connected to me and d is not, if i post a message on my bulletin board, only a, b and c can read my post automatically as i post them, while d cannot see them, even if he is connected to a, b or c.

if you suggest anything more it will be greatly appreciated.

thank you very much!

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