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12 years 3 weeks ago #53217 by definol
I've made a Spanish translation plug-in for CB 1.1, and it works fine, but some things didn't translate when I installed it.

  • In the CD Login module everything remains in english. (Username, Password, Remember me, Password Reminder, No account yet? Create one).
  • In the registration page, the fields Username, E-mail, Password, and Verify Password remain in english. Also, the registration page title stays 'Registration' instead of Registro, which is what I'd like it to say. And the button still says 'Send Registration'.
  • In the Password Reminder page absolutely everything is still in english.

I've poked around the php files and seen these string come from defined variables that do not appear in the english.php (or my spanish.php translation), though some appear but in a if(!defined(X)) clause.

I tried removing the if statement but the predefined strings remain the same.

Where are these defined? How can I change them?
Thanks for any help anyone can give me :lol: !

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12 years 3 weeks ago #53221 by nant
Some language strings are used from the Joomla language files.
12 years 3 weeks ago #53237 by definol
Thanks! I'm using Mambo, do you have an example of where I can find one of those untranslated strings? 'Cause I thought I'd translated Mambo's language file when I installed the Spanish translation of Mambo...
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