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12 years 1 month ago #60145 by Lestat_k
Hello all,
First, I want to congratulate u on your work! I'm really proud I'm here with u guys!

Now, on the subject :(

I made a bulgarian language pack for CB. Followed the instructions and everything. I saved all the files as UTF-8 encoding ( i'm using cyrillic chars ). I installed the new plugin and nothing happens... Tryed to replace all the files in language>default_language with my new bulgarian files and I get only �мпресии . Can u please help me how to make it work???

Greetings, Ivan!
12 years 1 month ago #60281 by Lestat_k
ok, so nobody knows the solution...
I've tried another thing. I've installed Joomla International (UTF-8).My database is also UTF-8. but still now working. tried to save all CB files as UTF-8 encoding without BOM but still... I've changed all encoding in xml files at UTF-8...

If anyone has idea, pls reply....

12 years 1 month ago #60282 by Lestat_k
Problem solved :)
For anyone who has problem displaying cyrillic:

Download and install Joomla! International (ask google) UTF-8 release. Download desired language pack for Joomla!. Convert the .xml file in UTF-8 with notepad. I've tried with notepead++ but it simply doesn't work. In the .xml file change the encoding to UTF-8. Then simply make a translation of CB at ur desired language with UTF-8 encoding. This means all the files must be saved with UTF-8 encoding. and the xml file must have encoding of UTF-8 too. then install the language packs for Joomla! and CB. Thats it! :)
11 years 11 months ago #64879 by Predte4a
Pi4, dai go toq lang pack da si go svalim.:laugh:

Dude, make this lang pack available for download.:laugh:
10 years 10 months ago #103819 by Zarro
От месеци го тарся този Language Pack От каде да си го сваля ?

I'm searching this language pack for months and still cannot find it. Is it available ? By any chance anywhere ?
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