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12 years 9 months ago #130889 by jakobe75
MY recent project has been trying to find a decent search component/plugin/module/wizard/magic wand.

to refine how searches are performed on my site.
I have purchased and installed/tested every addon I can find for CB searching.

this is a review which was actually a follow up post in another topic about some issues with CB search on my site.

But I thought that y'all might have some use for the info I collected.

enjoy...and feel free to comment

I have just purchased The CB Advanced Search COMPONENT.

Found it here:

cost about $32us

This installs very easily and performs searches quickly. It also displays avatars with the results. YAY!

It has a default display box called "Keywords"
it searches almost every area of your searchable fields.

I had the best overall results when searching with this component.

However....it has a few drawbacks...well several drawbacks actually.

1. The cost.. for $30+ I expected a little more options, but I knew what I was getting into when I bought it...feels like a waste of money now as I cannot use it.

2. Results are displayed in one giant long list, like most of Joomla and CB's results..there is no "Grid" option, so a ton of white space will appear on the page.

3. You can select which fields you want displayed on the search form...however to effectively display a user you need a handful of fields such as name, city, state etc. Then multiply these by the different user types you may have..so soon you have a search form with 18 fields and only 6 of them filled with data as the other 12 are blank because they are for profile data you werent searching or is not available for that user type.

4. There is no way to make a "userlist" or a search category.

Search form #1..contains fields:

Search from #2..contains fields:

Resulting in: Menu item Search#1 points to: Search form #1

5. No module. Since it doesnt tie directly in with cb lists, this com should come with a module
(although you can use a component loader to get it to display but then the pages become all wonky)

6. no demo, you only get screens

7. no forum

8. really no options except for adding and displaying fields

9. upon install my searches were performed properly but my profile itemIDs are all messed up..rendering it unusable.

The setup method is quite simple,
- install
- add the cb_fields you want to search in the component.
- make a menu item to the component
- click and enjoy

Just a few small minor things could make this a killer CB addon.
1. grid view
2. better field display/control
3. search categories
4. cb userlist integration

If you are looking for a flexible no nonsense search that produces search results as you would expect. Then this is for you.

I sent a review to the developer wiht my suggetions and bugs.

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