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I have been looking at JAnswers, which says it integrates with CB. But, I'm not having a great experience with adsFactory, another product of theirs. I'm very concerned about whether it works, and specifically whether it works w/out getting into their "smarty" code.

Does anyone have any recommendations for JAnswers or something else like it that works with CB? It does everything I want it to do. I'm just afraid to spend another $150 if I don't hear of someone who is happy with it that uses CB and possibly CBSubs (on my roadmap for this site.)

Also have found SIManswers (says CB enabled) and iknAnswers. SIManswers forum seems to have a lot of unanswered questions, ironic! But, I love how clean it looks.

Thanks for your thoughts,

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The reason for the unanswered questions in forum for SIMAnswers is because all support is done directly from the support ticket system only. The forum is for non-customers to ask questions, or for customers to share ideas with others.

Using the support ticket system is much faster and direct.


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