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13 years 5 months ago #96246 by karate3029
Popularitycontest module was created by karate3029
Where can I find these? I'm at a loss, sorry. :dry:

CB Itemid
JAwards Itemid
Archive content Itemid

These are options on the " mod_cb_popularitycontest " module.

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13 years 4 months ago #97309 by karate3029
Replied by karate3029 on topic Re:Popularitycontest module
I know this a is simple question. But I'm still not sure what to put there.

Edit: This is what I have in there now. Am I close?

CB Itemid 29 (changed it to 100007)
JAwards Itemid 0
Archive content Itemid 1000105

Main issue it when it shouts the winner in the shoutbox it doesn't actually put in the username. I assume because the number above are incorrect? Can someone please reply?

I get this in the Shoutbox

MosConfig_frontend_userparams has won the Profile Popularity Contest and got the Popularity Contest medal!

Then where it says "
" under that there is no countdown. I added the mod_ulti_counter seperatly under it and it shows. But when the contest is over it just says "left until the contest is over." Even though the contest is over.

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