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Beta-11 of CB subs has just been released to test team, leaving only 14 bugs and 2 features-completions open on the list.

Beta-10 of CB subs has been released to test team, closing 34 bugs. Half a dozen live sites use it.

Beta-9 of CB subs has been released to test team.
New applications for test team are accepted.

Beta-7 of the CB subs has been released to test team.
We are now starting a new round of tests and are accepting new applications for testers with time.
Beta-5 of CB subs has been released to test team.
Also a new mambot needed to enforce the content+extensions integrations has been released to test team. This mambot allows you to restrict access to content item categories and sections and modules and URLs. So basically, you have very good ACL group support without hacking your core CMS or CB!

Beta-4 has been released to test team.
Included as part of beta-4 is a content mambot that hides or shows content based on CB field values of the user viewing the content.

Beta-3 has been released to test team.

Beta-2 has been released to beta-2 team for testing. All identified bugs have been fixed and a number of new features have been implemented. The main new feature is the invoice handling functionality.

Beta-1 phase has ended. All identified issues have been addressed and a beta-2 build is being prepared. Goal is to start beta-2 testing by 12.01.2008. New test recruite candidates are welcome and encouraged to send me a PMS (see 30.Dec.2007 status).

The CB Subscriptions plugin is currently in internal alpha tests. Beat and I, have been pounding away at it, both on local installations and public servers. A lot of issues have already been identified and are being worked on as we speak.

We have been working on this during most of this holiday season in order to get a solid beta as soon as possible. There will be 2 free beta phases before the commercial release. A first one with a very limited number of expert participants and a second one with a larger set of participants.

I have been asked to assist in preparing a limited group of beta testers to participate in this first way of tests. In order concentrate on real tests, we must (at least in this phase) carefully select participants (based on experience and knowledge) and their environments (test sites, configurations, etc.).

Joomlapolitans who want to participate during this phase are kindly requested to send me (nant) a PMS (private message) on this site with as much information as possible about yourself and your environment. Please take special care to cover the following topics/subjects:

- Your current Joomla or Mambo experience; Who long have you been active in this area? What CMS versions have you been active on?

- Your testing environments. What apache/php versions? MySQL versions?

- Do you have ioncube installed on your environments? Do you have any experience with ioncube? CB Subscriptions plugin needs ioncube to operate since it is encoded.

- Your current CB experience? How long have you been using CB? How many sites? Have you written any CB plugins? Please note that the subscriptions plugin depends on CB 1.2 (which will also be given to you in a beta form).

- Do you use docman? The CB subscriptions plugin also has its own plugins. One works with docman (to add or remove members to docman groups based on subscription status).

- Your php/html/js experience?

- Do you have any paypal/authorizeNet experience? Do you have a paypal sandbox account?

- Does your test environment have CURL and OpenSSL? Do you know what these are and how they are used?

As you can see, we are trying to identify the best set of candidates to participate. Unfortunately, at this moment there is very little extra documentation about this work, so we must select a good set of experienced people who are advanced users and can assist (and not need to be trained).

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