Upgrade Path from RC to Stable: Easy?

13 years 4 months ago #64201 by Terp
*question at the end after a cheap plug for all to subscribe and support the project** :)

Firstly, so long as I use CB I will be a document supporter! I installed 1.1 on a J1.0.x install a few months ago and played with it for about 10 minutes. One can't fully appreciate the work that went into this extension, the size, the scope, without taking it for a real test drive.

Well, I stayed up all night. :)

I have such a greater respect for the entire CB team, especially given the fact that your blood, sweat, and tears are put out there for the whole world in the form of open source code. Awesome. This extension has $299 written all over it, at least. :) Being an economist who has an affinity for data, the way in which CB manipulates all the user data and presents these data in an eye-pleasing fashion is just incredible. I can only now understand what went into this whole project.

Okay, now the question. ;)

CB1.2 is rock solid, reflecting the work Beat and company put into it during the final hours prior to release, in hopes of ensuring that it released bug-free.

While I am going to play with it for a week or two on a test install as I learn my way around the interface, code, etc, I would like to install it on a site that will be going live in the not-too-distant future. Once CB goes stable, will the upgrade/update be as simple as overwriting the RC files with the latest and greatest, whether by SVN or not, or would we have to uninstall and install the new extension?

I just hate installing and uninstalling, so if this is the case, I'll wait...but if the RC -> stable path will be simply overwriting some files, I am going to run with the RC.

Again, awesome, guys. Simply awesome. I look forward to native J1.5 extensions that take full advantage of the amazing platform you have created.



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13 years 4 months ago #64221 by nant
Replied by nant on topic Re:Upgrade Path from RC to Stable: Easy?

thank you for all your kind words and comments - well worth the 299 (USD or EURO?) :P

Regarding stability - well Joomlapolis is currently running on CB 1.2 RC. Also, if you look at the readme file you will see how the expert upgrade process works. You will be able to just over-write changed files and run the new CB Tools database upgrade function to take care of the rest. No need to unistall and reinstall. You can of course follow this process also - but you would have to reinstall your extra plugins. With expert upgrade you don't have to worry about these extra plugins.

This way you will not have to stay up all night again B)

Once again, thank you for your support!

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13 years 4 months ago #64222 by Terp
Replied by Terp on topic Re:Upgrade Path from RC to Stable: Easy?
nant wrote:


thank you for all your kind words and comments - well worth the 299 (USD or EURO?) :P

Absolutely - both. :)

I migratedd over from the DotNetNuke world where you pay $30-$100 for a tempalte that fails validation and $100 for a decent newsletter module, etc, etc....not too much "open" (reads: free) over there. Given all that is possible with CB, it's worth much more...and to share it with the world, well, it goes without saying...takes special kind of people to dedicate their skills to the open source community.

Thanks for the insight. I'm not posting (or playing) until I go through the docs for the first time, take some notes, then play around...but it sounds like I can let 'er rip on my development site and just use the expert files for the stable release, once available.

Thanks, Nant.

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