French Language Plugin - CB 1.2 RC

11 years 11 months ago #65635 by Pachat
stepson wrote:

i have french in the user profile and french in joomfish language selection.

any idea ?

joomla 1.5.3, cb 1.2 rc

This works for me
(I don't use joomfish)
11 years 11 months ago #65652 by Elephantman
pouyou, on what lines/sentences do you have that problem ?

About Pachat's translation, it's much better than the first one posted here although I find some parts a bit formal and outdated for a social website.
11 years 11 months ago #65745 by chessman
Jus one comment : Why all french language packages are made with ISO encoding instead of UTF-8 ???
11 years 11 months ago #65749 by stepson
hello pachat !

I have desactivated joomfish and even with this i have not french in CB 1.2 RC.
i also changed the order of the languages in the CB plugin to have french first. no change. french is not active for me.

virtuemart and fireboard are now again in french, but not CB.

with joomfish 2 beta enabled, the language change is not working but virtuemart is in english and fireboard in english even if french is selected as the default language for joomla 1.5.3

i guess i have a conflict somewhere, but i'm not yet able to find where.
11 years 11 months ago #65804 by Pachat
Here is a new version which
- will install directly as a CB plugin with 1.2 RC
- is UTF-8 coded

Attachment not found

To Elephantman : you are right.
This translation is perfect for a community of professionnals.
Please PM me for your proposals on what you would like to see more uptodate.
If we can find a translation that fits all cases, it would be great. :)

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11 years 11 months ago #65820 by pouyou
The installation of the last file provided by Pacha was just fine for me (RC2 et joomla1.5.3).

The translation is great even on internet explorer.

Thank you very much !
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