Dutch.php for dutch languagefile

15 years 2 months ago #69618 by Supermario
Dutch.php for dutch languagefile was created by Supermario
I improved the dutch translation for the Dutch language file cb_1.0.1_dutch. I will post the new php-file here and I hope that someone will submit it to the languagepackage.

Attachment dutch-cb64aa80e5be007f0cd6fc866518e71a.zip not found

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15 years 2 months ago #69648 by beat
Replied by beat on topic Re:Dutch.php for dutch languagefile
Thanks B)

Nick will be looking at that when he gets to it :)

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15 years 1 month ago #70110 by wickhop
Replied by wickhop on topic Re:Dutch.php for dutch languagefile
Hi Cool attachment, to bad i havent read it before translating the whole thing ;)

But as addition to that I have a small problem with my new language.
I manually translated the whole original language file with a backup of the original.
But I have just one or two phrases in english still in the connection requests.
I cant find these phrases in the CB language file..

I use UddeIM as IM, but cant find the phrase im looking for in there either.

The phrase im looking for is this..

Your request to connect with hust was accepted!

Manage Connections

Also its not displaying the url, but just written like i copied above.
Anybody any idea where i could find this text somewhere?



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15 years 1 month ago #70165 by TheoViset
Replied by TheoViset on topic Re:Dutch.php for dutch languagefile
Hi all,

I used the dutch language pack for the Community Builder, but in the Register form, there are problems with the field captions and the button:


And the text in the button is:

I searched for these texts in the components ources but can't find it. Can anyone help me with this??

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15 years 1 month ago #71700 by kdeelstra
Replied by kdeelstra on topic Re:Dutch.php for dutch languagefile
they following seems not to be translated by comparing original language file:

// CB 1.0.2 optional string:
DEFINE('_UE_MAXEMAILSLIMIT','You exceeded the maximum limit of %d emails per %d hours. Please try again later.');
DEFINE('_UE_INPUT_VALUE_NOT_ALLOWED','This input value is not authorized.');

//Needed for Joomla 1.5 and Mambo 4.6 language independance: Translators: please take strings from joomla 1.0.11's language file
/** registration.php */
if (!defined('_ERROR_PASS')) DEFINE('_ERROR_PASS','Sorry, no corresponding user was found');
if (!defined('_NEWPASS_SENT')) DEFINE('_NEWPASS_SENT','New User Password created and sent!');
if (!defined('_REGWARN_NAME')) DEFINE('_REGWARN_NAME','Please enter your name.');
if (!defined('_REGWARN_UNAME')) DEFINE('_REGWARN_UNAME','Please enter a username.');
if (!defined('_REGWARN_MAIL')) DEFINE('_REGWARN_MAIL','Please enter a valid e-mail address.');
if (!defined('_REGWARN_VPASS2')) DEFINE('_REGWARN_VPASS2','Password and verification do not match, please try again.');
if (!defined('_REGWARN_INUSE')) DEFINE('_REGWARN_INUSE','This username is already in use. Please try another.');
if (!defined('_REGWARN_EMAIL_INUSE')) DEFINE('_REGWARN_EMAIL_INUSE', 'This e-mail is already registered. If you forgot the password click on "Lost your Password ?" or on "Password Reminder" and new password will be sent to you.');
if (!defined('_VALID_AZ09')) DEFINE('_VALID_AZ09',"Please enter a valid %s. No spaces, more than %d characters and contain 0-9,a-z,A-Z"«»);
/** classes/html/registration.php */
if (!defined('_PROMPT_PASSWORD')) DEFINE('_PROMPT_PASSWORD','Lost your Password?');
if (!defined('_NEW_PASS_DESC')) DEFINE('_NEW_PASS_DESC','Please enter your Username and e-mail address then click on the Send Password button.<br />'
.'You will receive a new password shortly. Use this new password to access the site.');
if (!defined('_PROMPT_UNAME')) DEFINE('_PROMPT_UNAME','Username:');
if (!defined('_PROMPT_EMAIL')) DEFINE('_PROMPT_EMAIL','E-mail Address:');
if (!defined('_BUTTON_SEND_PASS')) DEFINE('_BUTTON_SEND_PASS','Send Password');
if (!defined('_REGISTER_TITLE')) DEFINE('_REGISTER_TITLE','Registration');
if (!defined('_REGISTER_NAME')) DEFINE('_REGISTER_NAME','Name:');
if (!defined('_REGISTER_UNAME')) DEFINE('_REGISTER_UNAME','Username:');
if (!defined('_REGISTER_EMAIL')) DEFINE('_REGISTER_EMAIL','E-mail:');
if (!defined('_REGISTER_PASS')) DEFINE('_REGISTER_PASS','Password:');
if (!defined('_REGISTER_VPASS')) DEFINE('_REGISTER_VPASS','Verify Password:');
if (!defined('_BUTTON_SEND_REG')) DEFINE('_BUTTON_SEND_REG','Send Registration');
if (!defined('_SENDING_PASSWORD')) DEFINE('_SENDING_PASSWORD','Your password will be sent to the above e-mail address.<br />Once you have received your'
.' new password you can log in in and change it.');
if (!defined('_LOGIN_SUCCESS')) DEFINE('_LOGIN_SUCCESS','You have successfully logged in');
if (!defined('_LOGOUT_SUCCESS')) DEFINE('_LOGOUT_SUCCESS','You have successfully logged out');
if (!defined('_LOGIN_BLOCKED')) DEFINE('_LOGIN_BLOCKED','Your login is blocked.');
if (!defined('_CMN_YES')) DEFINE('_CMN_YES','Yes');
if (!defined('_CMN_NO')) DEFINE('_CMN_NO','No');
if (!defined('_CMN_SHOW')) DEFINE('_CMN_SHOW','Show');
if (!defined('_CMN_HIDE')) DEFINE('_CMN_HIDE','Hide');
if (!defined('_LOGIN_INCOMPLETE')) DEFINE('_LOGIN_INCOMPLETE','Please complete the username and password fields.');
if (!defined('_LOGIN_INCORRECT')) DEFINE('_LOGIN_INCORRECT','Incorrect username or password. Please try again.');
if (!defined('_USER_DETAILS_SAVE')) DEFINE('_USER_DETAILS_SAVE','Your settings have been saved.');

// 1.1:
DEFINE('_UE_YOURCONNECTIONS','Your connections');
DEFINE('_UE_USERSNCONNECTIONS','%s\'s connections');
DEFINE('_UE_SEEALLNCONNECTIONS','See all %s connections');
DEFINE('_UE_SEEALLOFUSERSNCONNECTIONS','See all of %s\'s %s connections');
DEFINE('_UE_YOU_ARE_ALREADY_REGISTERED','You are already registered with this username and password.');
DEFINE('_UE_SESSION_EXPIRED','Session expired or cookies are not enabled in your browser. Please press "reload page" in your browser, and enable cookies in your browser.');
DEFINE('_UE_PLEASE_REFRESH','Please refresh/reload page before filling-in.');
DEFINE('_UE_REGISTERFORPROFILEVIEW','Please log in or register to view user profiles.');
DEFINE('_UE_INFORMATION_FOR_FIELD','Information for: %s : %s');
DEFINE('_UE_ALLOWMODERATORSUSEREDIT_DESC','Allows moderators to edit a users profile and to add, change or delete users avatars. Moderators cannot edit same or higher-level moderators');
DEFINE('_UE_ALLOWMODERATORSUSEREDIT','Allow Moderators to Edit User Profiles');
DEFINE('_UE_USERPROFILEBLOCKED','This profile is no longer available.');
DEFINE('_UE_EDIT_OTHER_USER_TITLE','Edit %s\'s Details');
DEFINE('_UE_MOD_MENU_UPDATEPROFILE', 'Update user profile');
DEFINE('_UE_MOD_MENU_UPDATEPROFILE_DESC', 'Change profile settings of this user profile');
DEFINE('_UE_MOD_MENU_UPDATEAVATAR', 'Update user image');
DEFINE('_UE_MOD_MENU_UPDATEAVATAR_DESC', 'Choose the image of this user profile');
DEFINE('_UE_MOD_MENU_DELETE_AVATAR', 'Remove user image');
DEFINE('_UE_MOD_MENU_DELETE_AVATAR_DESC', 'Remove the image from this user profile');
DEFINE('_UE_MOD_MENU_VIEWOLDUSERREPORTS','View processed user reports');
DEFINE('_UE_MOD_MENU_VIEWOLDUSERREPORTS_DESC','As site moderator: View processed user reports for this user');
DEFINE('_UE_REPORTSTATUS','Report status');
DEFINE('_UE_UNBANUSER','User profile unbanned');
DEFINE('_UE_UNBANNEDON','Unbanned Date');
DEFINE('_UE_MENU_BANPROFILE_HISTORY_DESC', 'As Site Moderator: See ban history of this profile');
DEFINE('_UE_BANSTATUS','Ban status');
DEFINE('_UE_UNNAMED_USER','Unnamed user');
DEFINE('_UE_REG_CB_ALLOW','Allow User Registration');
DEFINE('_UE_REG_CB_ALLOW_DESC','Whether to allow user registration as configured in global site configuration, or through CB anyway.<br />Recommened setting: only through CB : set : "Yes" here and "No" in global site setting.');
DEFINE('_UE_REG_PROFILE_2COLS','2 columns layout: widths:');
DEFINE('_UE_REG_PROFILE_2COLS_DESC','Layout widths in % for 2 columns profiles');
DEFINE('_UE_REG_PROFILE_3COLS','3 columns layout: widths:');
DEFINE('_UE_REG_PROFILE_3COLS_DESC','Layout widths in % for 3 columns profiles. Middle column: the rest!');
DEFINE('_UE_REG_FILTER_ALLOWED_TAGS','Do not filter following tags on editor area fields:');
DEFINE('_UE_REG_FILTER_ALLOWED_TAGS_DESC','Type-in tags that you would like to not be filtered, separated by single spaces, for example: `applet body bgsound embed`.<br />WARNING: this is at your own risk, as users could insert malware code. The default filtering avoids this: following tags are filtered by default and can be removed from filtering by typing them in:');
DEFINE('_UE_REG_FURTHER_SETTINGS','Further settings:');
DEFINE('_UE_REG_FURTHER_SETTINGS_MORE','see plugins and tabs parameters.');
DEFINE('_UE_REG_FURTHER_SETTINGS_DESC','More settings are available in menu: Components / Community Builder / Plugin Management and / Tab Management. Each plugin and each tab can be edited and have its own parameters. Plugins and tabs must be published to be active.');
// 1.1: backend global config:
DEFINE('_UE_REG_ALLOWREG_SAME_AS_GLOBAL','same as global `allow registration` site setting');
DEFINE('_UE_REG_ALLOWREG_YES','yes, independently of global site setting');
DEFINE('_UE_REG_NAMEFORMAT_TWO_FIELDS','First and Last Name Field');
DEFINE('_UE_REG_NAMEFORMAT_THREE_FIELDS','First, Middle, and Last Name Field');
DEFINE('_UE_GROUPS_ALL_REG_USERS','All Registered Users');
DEFINE('_UE_YOUR_CONFIG_FILE','Your config file');
DEFINE('_UE_IS_NOT_WRITABLE','is not writable');
DEFINE('_UE_NEED_TO_CHMOD_CONFIG','You need to chmod this to 766 in order for the config to be updated');
DEFINE('_UE_MODERATORS_AND_ABOVE','CB Moderators and levels above');
DEFINE('_UE_SUPERADMINS_ONLY','Super-Administrators only');
DEFINE('_UE_ADMINS_AND_SUPERADMINS_ONLY','Administrators and Super-administrators only');
DEFINE('_UE_NO_PARAMS','There are no parameters for this item');
DEFINE('_UE_CALENDAR_TYPE','Calendar Type');
DEFINE('_UE_CALENDAR_TYPE_DESC','Choose which calendar you would like to use for dates selection.');
DEFINE('_UE_CALENDAR_TYPE_DROPDOWN_POPUP','Drop-down (+popup) calendar');
DEFINE('_UE_CALENDAR_TYPE_POPUP','Popup calendar (old)');
DEFINE('_UE_REG_USERNAMECHECKER','Ajax Username checker');
DEFINE('_UE_REG_USERNAMECHECKER_DESC','Allow to check if a username is available during registration. You need to be aware that even though this feature is protected, under some circumstances, it could be used for username guessing, making password guessing easier. This is an experimental feature, not yet optimized for large sites: test first !');
// 1.1: frontend:
DEFINE('_UE_DO_LOGIN','You need to log in.');
DEFINE('_UE_DO_LOGOUT','You need to logout.');
define('_UE_CHECK_USERNAME_AVAILABILITY',"Check username availability"«»);
define('_UE_USERNAME_ALREADY_EXISTS',"The username '%s' is already registered: please choose another one."«»);
define('_UE_USERNAME_DOESNT_EXISTS',"The username '%s' is free for registration: you can proceed."«»);
define('_UE_SORRY_CANT_CHECK',"Sorry, can not check."«»);
DEFINE('_UE_PLEAE_CHECK_PROFILE','Please check your Profile');
DEFINE('_UE_BANNED_CHANGE_PROFILE','Your Profile is banned. Only you and moderators can see it.<br />Please follow the request of the moderator, then choose moderation / unban to submit a request for unbanning your profile.');
DEFINE('_UE_WARNING_EDIT_OTHER_USER_PROFILE','WARNING: This is not your profile. As a moderator, you are editing the profile of user: %s.');
DEFINE('_UE_BACK_TO_YOUR_PROFILE','Back to your profile');
// CB captcha plugin strings in core since cb 1.1:
DEFINE('_UE_CAPTCHA_Label','Security Code');
DEFINE('_UE_CAPTCHA_Enter_Label','Enter Security Code');
DEFINE('_UE_CAPTCHA_Desc','Enter Security Code from image. If no image is present then try disabling your advertisement blocker and then refresh this page. Otherwise please contact the website administrator for assistance.');
DEFINE('_UE_CAPTCHA_NOT_VALID','Invalid Security Code');
DEFINE('_UE_CAPTCHA_ALT_IMAGE','Image with security code embedded in it');
DEFINE('_UE_CAPTCHA_AUDIO','click here to hear the letters');
DEFINE('_UE_CAPTCHA_AUDIO_POPUP_DESCRIPTION','Listen to audio playback of captcha image');
DEFINE('_UE_CAPTCHA_AUDIO_DOWNLOAD','Click to externally play or download audio file');
DEFINE('_UE_CAPTCHA_AUDIO_CLICK2DOWNLOAD','(right-click or control-click)');

// 1.2 Frontend:
DEFINE('_UE_ERROR_USER_NOT_SYNCHRONIZED','User not existing or not synchronized with CB');
DEFINE('_LOGIN_REGISTER_TITLE','Welcome. Please log in or register:');
DEFINE('_UE_UPLOAD_DIMENSIONS_AVATAR','Your image will be resized if needed to a maximum dimension of %s pixels width x %s height automatically, but your image file should not exceed %s KB.');
DEFINE('_UE_LOGIN_BLOCKED','Your login is blocked.');
DEFINE('_UE_REMEMBER_ME', 'Remember me');
DEFINE('_UE_PASSWORD_REMINDER','Password reminder');
DEFINE('_UE_REMINDER_NEEDED_FOR','Reminder needed for');
DEFINE('_UE_LOST__USERNAME','Lost Username');
DEFINE('_UE_LOST__PASSWORD','Lost Password');
DEFINE('_UE_LOST_PASSWORD','Lost Password?');
DEFINE('_UE_USERNAMEREMINDER_SUB','Username reminder for %s');
.'A username reminder has been requested for your %s account.\n\n'
.'Your username is: %s\n\n'
.'To log in to your account, click on the link below:\n'
.'Thank you.\n');
DEFINE('_UE_NEWPASS_SUB','New password for: %s');
DEFINE('_UE_NEWPASS_MSG','The user account %s has this email associated with it.\n'
.'A web user from %s has just requested that a new password be sent.\n\n'
.'Your New Password is: %s\n\n'
.'If you didn\'t ask for this, don\'t worry.'
.' You are seeing this message, not them. If this was an error just log in with your'
.' new password and then change your password to what you would like it to be.');
DEFINE('_UE_ALREADY_LOGGED_IN','You are already logged in');
DEFINE('_UE_EMAIL_COULD_NOT_CHECK','Could not check this email: Please double-check: Needed for confirmation.');
DEFINE('_UE_EMAIL_COULD_NOT_CHECK_NEEDED','Could not check this email: Please double-check.');
DEFINE('_UE_EMAIL_INCORRECT_CHECK','This email does not accept email: Please check.');
DEFINE('_UE_EMAIL_INCORRECT_CHECK_NEEDED','This address does not accept email: Needed for confirmation.');
DEFINE('_UE_EMAIL_VERIFIED','This email address seems valid.');
DEFINE('_UE_EMAIL_NOVALID','This is not a valid email address.');
DEFINE('_UE_EMAIL_ALREADY_REGISTERED','This email is already registered, maybe by yourself.');
DEFINE('_UE_FIELDONPROFILE_SHORT','Field visible on your profile');
DEFINE('_UE_FIELDNOPROFILE_SHORT','Field <strong>not</strong> visible on profile');
DEFINE('_UE_FIELDDESCRIPTION_SHORT','Information: Point mouse to icon');
DEFINE('_UE_AVATAR_UPLOAD_DISCLAIMER','By clicking "Upload", you certify that you have the right to distribute this photo.');
DEFINE('_UE_AVATAR_UPLOAD_DISCLAIMER_TERMS','By clicking "Upload", you certify that you have the right to distribute this photo and that it does not violate the %s.');
DEFINE('_UE_AVATAR_TOC_LINK','Terms and Conditions');
DEFINE('_UE_USER_EMAIL_CONFIRMED','Email address is already confirmed');
DEFINE('_UE_LOST_USERNAME_OR_PASSWORD','Lost your Username or your Password ?');
DEFINE('_UE_LOST_USERNAME_DESC','If you <strong>lost your username</strong>, please enter your E-mail Address, leaving Username field empty, then click the Send Username button, and your username will be sent to your email address.');
DEFINE('_UE_LOST_PASSWORD_DESC','If you <strong>lost your password</strong> but know your username, please enter your Username and your E-mail Address, press the Send Password button, and you will receive a new password shortly. Use this new password to access the site.');
DEFINE('_UE_LOST_USERNAME_PASSWORD_DESC','If you <strong>lost your username and your password</strong>, please recover first the username, then the password. To recover username,please enter your E-mail Address, leaving Username field empty, then click the Send Username button, and your username will be sent to your email address. From there you can use this same form to receover your password.');
define('_UE_USERNAME_EXISTS_ON_SITE',"The username '%s' exists on this site."«»);
define('_UE_USERNAME_DOES_NOT_EXISTS_ON_SITE',"The username '%s' does not exist on this site."«»);
define('_UE_USERNAME_FREE_OK_TO_PROCEED',"The username '%s' is free: you can proceed."«»);
define('_UE_THIS_IS_YOUR_USERNAME',"This is your current username on this site."«»);
define('_UE_THIS_IS_USERS_USERNAME',"This is the user's current username on this site."«»);
define('_UE_EMAIL_EXISTS_ON_SITE',"The email '%s' exists on this site."«»);
define('_UE_EMAIL_DOES_NOT_EXISTS_ON_SITE',"The email '%s' does not exist on this site."«»);
define('_UE_SEARCH_ERROR','Search error');
define('_UE_EMAIL_SENDING_ERROR','Error sending email');
DEFINE('_UE_USERNAME_REMINDER_SENT','Username reminder sent to your email address %s. Please check your email (and if needed your spambox too)!');
DEFINE('_UE_NEWPASS_SENT','New User Password created and sent to your email address %s. Please check your email (and if needed your spambox too)!');
DEFINE('_UE_VALID_UNAME','Please enter a valid username. No spaces, at least 3 characters and contain 0-9,a-z,A-Z');
DEFINE('_UE_VALID_UNAME_CHARS','Please enter a valid %s. No spaces, at least %s characters and contain 0-9,a-z,A-Z');
DEFINE('_UE_VALID_PASS','Please enter a valid password. No spaces, at least 6 characters and contain lower and upper-case letters, numbers and special signs');
DEFINE('_UE_VALID_PASS_CHARS','Please enter a valid %s. No spaces, at least %s characters and contain lower and upper-case letters, numbers and special signs');
DEFINE('_UE_VALID_MIN_LENGTH','Please enter a valid %s: at least %s characters: you entered %s characters.');
DEFINE('_UE_VALID_MAX_LENGTH','Please enter a valid %s: maximum %s characters: you entered %s characters.');
DEFINE('_UE_REGWARN_NAME','Please enter your real full name.');
DEFINE('_UE_REGWARN_FNAME','Please enter your real first name.');
DEFINE('_UE_REGWARN_MNAME','Please enter your real middle name.');
DEFINE('_UE_REGWARN_LNAME','Please enter your real last name.');
DEFINE('_UE_REGWARN_MAIL','Please enter a valid e-mail address. A confirmation email will be sent to this address upon registration.');
DEFINE('_UE_REGWARN_VPASS2','Password and verification do not match, please try again.');
DEFINE('_UE_NO_PREFERENCE','No preference');
DEFINE('_UE_NO_INDICATION','No indication');
DEFINE('_UE_SEARCH_CRITERIA','Search criteria');
DEFINE('_UE_SEARCH_RESULTS','Search results');
DEFINE ('_UE_SEARCH_USERS','Search Users');
DEFINE ('_UE_FIND_USERS','Find Users');
DEFINE ('_UE_MATCH_IS_NOT','is not');
DEFINE ('_UE_MATCH_IS_EXACTLY','is exactly');
DEFINE ('_UE_MATCH_IS_EXACTLY_NOT','is exactly not');
DEFINE ('_UE_MATCH_ARE_EXACTLY','are exactly');
DEFINE ('_UE_MATCH_ARE_EXACTLY_NOT','are exactly not');
DEFINE ('_UE_MATCH_IS_ONE_OF','is one of');
DEFINE ('_UE_MATCH_IS_NOT_ONE_OF','is not one of');
DEFINE ('_UE_MATCH_PHRASE','contains phrase');
DEFINE ('_UE_MATCH_PHRASE_NOT','doesn\'t contain phrase');
DEFINE ('_UE_MATCH_ALL','contains all of');
DEFINE ('_UE_MATCH_ALL_NOT','doesn\'t contain all of');
DEFINE ('_UE_MATCH_ANY','contains any of');
DEFINE ('_UE_MATCH_ANY_NOT','doesn\'t contain any of');
DEFINE ('_UE_MATCH_INCLUDE_ALL_OF','include all of');
DEFINE ('_UE_MATCH_INCLUDE_ALL_OF_NOT','don\'t include all of');
DEFINE ('_UE_MATCH_INCLUDE_ANY_OF','include any of');
DEFINE ('_UE_MATCH_INCLUDE_ANY_OF_NOT','don\'t include any of');
DEFINE ('_UE_AVATAR_NONE','No profile image');
DEFINE ('_UE_AVATAR_NO_CHANGE','No change of image');
DEFINE ('_UE_AVATAR_UPLOAD','Upload profile image');
DEFINE ('_UE_AVATAR_UPLOAD_NEW','Upload new profile image');
DEFINE ('_UE_AVATAR_SELECT','Select image from gallery');
DEFINE ('_UE_HAS_PROFILE_IMAGE','Has a profile image');
DEFINE ('_UE_HAS_NO_PROFILE_IMAGE','Has no profile image');
DEFINE ('_UE_AGE_YEARS','%s years');
DEFINE ('_UE_YEARS','years');
DEFINE ('_UE_HI_NAME','Hi, %s');

// 1.2 Backend:
DEFINE('_UE_TOP_AND_BOTTOM','Top and Bottom');
DEFINE('_UE_REG_SHOW_ICONS_EXPLAIN','Show explanation for icons');
DEFINE('_UE_REG_SHOW_ICONS_EXPLAIN_DESC','Whether the explanations of the icons should be shown at top and/or bottom of registration page (default is top and bottom)');
DEFINE('_UE_ICONS_DISPLAY','Show icons on fields');
DEFINE('_UE_ICONS_DISPLAY_DESC','Whether the icons and icons explanations should be shown at registration and user-edit screens. The info icons are always shown if field descriptions are present.');
DEFINE('_UE_REG_SHOW_LOGIN_ON_PAGE','Show login on registration page');
DEFINE('_UE_REG_SHOW_LOGIN_ON_PAGE_DESC','Whether the login module content should be shown side by side on registration page. IMPORTANT: CB login module must be installed for this to work.');
DEFINE('_UE_REQUIRED_ONLY','Only the Required icon');
DEFINE('_UE_PROFILE_ONLY','Only the Profile / No Profile icons');
DEFINE('_UE_REQUIRED_AND_PROFILE_ONLY','Only the Required and profile icons');
DEFINE('_UE_INFO_ONLY','Only info icon explanation');
DEFINE('_UE_REQUIRED_AND_INFO_ONLY','Required and info explanation icons');
DEFINE('_UE_PROFILE_AND_INFO_ONLY','Profile icon and info explanation icons');
DEFINE('_UE_REQUIRED_PROFILE_AND_INFO','All icons: required, profile and info explanation');
DEFINE('_UE_ALWAYSRESAMPLEUPLOADS','Always resample avatar uploads');
DEFINE('_UE_ALWAYSRESAMPLEUPLOADS_DESC','Resampling avatar uploads adds security for the users browsing the website, but only ImageMagic will keep animated GIFs animated.');
DEFINE('_UE_FRONTENDUSERPARAMS','Allow user to edit his CMS parameters in frontend');
DEFINE('_UE_FRONTENDUSERPARAMS_DESC','Shows user parameters and allows the user to change them in the user\'s own edit profile page.');
DEFINE('_UE_REG_CB_EMAILPASS','Autogenerate random registration password');
DEFINE('_UE_REG_CB_EMAILPASS_DESC','Whether the password is autogenerated and emailed to the user ("Yes" setting) or if it is asked to the user on the registration page ("No" setting, default, recommended).');
DEFINE('_UE_REG_EMAILCHECKER','Ajax Email checker');
DEFINE('_UE_REG_EMAILCHECKER_WARNING','WARNING: your PHP system doesn\'t have function "getmxrr()" installed and enabled. As this is a Linux-only function, this is normal on Windows servers, and email DNS and SMTP checking will not be possible, unless this PHP function is enabled.');
DEFINE('_UE_REG_EMAILCHECKER_DESC','Allow to check if an email is valid during registration, checking exact email format, existing MX DNS records, and that the corresponding email servers accept incomming emails to this address by SMTP. You can also check for the email to not be already registered. WARNING: this additional email-already-registered-check might raise a PRIVACY ISSUE on your website and/or in your country, as on registration, anybody could check if a given email address is registered ! Please enable only after checking your local regulations applicable to your site. For SMTP check, your server must have a fixed IP address, the site\'s email address must be valid, and this server be listed in its authorized originators (SPF record) for this feature to work properly with most email addresses. You need to be aware that even though this feature is protected, under some circumstances, it could be misused. This is an experimental feature, not yet optimized for large sites: test first !');
DEFINE('_UE_REG_EMAILCHECKER_VALID_EMAIL_ONLY','Yes, Check only for email server accepting email');
DEFINE('_UE_REG_EMAILCHECKER_NOT_REGISTERED_AND_VALID_EMAIL','Yes, Check for email not registered and for server (!!! privacy ! see warning)');
DEFINE('_UE_REG_UNIQUEEMAIL','Require Unique E-mail');
DEFINE('_UE_REG_UNIQUEEMAIL_DESC','If "yes", users cannot share the same email address. This is a CMS global setting for the site, or a CMS feature. CB adapts automatically to this setting/feature.');

// 1.2 FIREBOARD support - these strings are actually used in a CB tab and fields that are added by FB backend
DEFINE('_UE_FB_TABTITLE', 'Forum Settings' );
DEFINE('_UE_FB_ORDERING_OLDEST', 'Oldest post first' );
DEFINE('_UE_FB_ORDERING_LATEST', 'Newest post first' );
DEFINE('_UE_FB_ORDERING_TITLE', 'Message Ordering' );
DEFINE('_UE_FB_SIGNATURE', 'Your board signature' );
DEFINE('_UE_FB_VIEWTYPE_TITLE', 'Prefered Viewtype' );
DEFINE('_UE_FB_TABDESC', 'General profile options' );
// 1.2 Extended forum strings for FIREBOARD favorites support in CB plugin (this is why they have _FB_ instead of _FORUM)
DEFINE('_UE_FB_FAVORITES','Your favorite threads');
DEFINE('_UE_FB_REMOVE_FAVORITE_THREAD',':: Remove favorite ::');
DEFINE('_UE_FB_NO_FAVORITES_FOUND','No favorites found for you');
DEFINE('_UE_FB_REMOVE_FAVORITES_ALL','Remove all your favorites');
DEFINE('_UE_FB_CONFIRMUNFAVORITEALL','Are you sure you want to remove all your favorite threads ?');

// 1.2 CB Team extensions
DEFINE('_UE_PROFILE_GALLERY','Profile Gallery');
DEFINE('_UE_PROFILE_GALLERY_DESC','This tab contains a basic no-frills image Gallery for CB profiles');
DEFINE('_UE_PROFILE_GALLERY_MODERATION_DESC','This tab contains all pending autorization gallery items');
DEFINE('_UE_PROFILE_BOOK','Profile Book');
DEFINE('_UE_PROFILE_BOOK_DESC','Profile Book Description');

// 1.2 CB beta 8+9+10:
DEFINE('_UE_AVATAR_DISCLAIMER','By clicking "%s", you certify that you have the right to distribute this photo.');
DEFINE('_UE_AVATAR_DISCLAIMER_TERMS','By clicking "%s", you certify that you have the right to distribute this photo and that it does not violate the %s.');
DEFINE('_UE_CLOAKED','This e-mail address is protected from spam bots, you must enable JavaScript in your web browser to view it');
DEFINE ('_UE_YEAR','year');
DEFINE ('_UE_MONTHS','months');
DEFINE ('_UE_MONTH','month');
DEFINE ('_UE_DAYS','days');
DEFINE ('_UE_DAY','day');
DEFINE ('_UE_HOURS','hours');
DEFINE ('_UE_HOUR','hour');
DEFINE ('_UE_MINUTES','minutes');
DEFINE ('_UE_MINUTE','minute');
DEFINE ('_UE_SECONDS','seconds');
DEFINE ('_UE_SECOND','second');
DEFINE ('_UE_NOW','Now');
DEFINE ('_UE_YEAR_NOT_IN_RANGE','Year %s is not between %s and %s');
DEFINE ('_UE_ADD_IMAGE','Add image');
DEFINE ('_UE_LINE','Line');
DEFINE ('_UE_COLUMN','Column');
DEFINE ('_UE_MONTHS_1','January');
DEFINE ('_UE_MONTHS_2','February');
DEFINE ('_UE_MONTHS_3','March');
DEFINE ('_UE_MONTHS_4','April');
DEFINE ('_UE_MONTHS_5','May');
DEFINE ('_UE_MONTHS_6','June');
DEFINE ('_UE_MONTHS_7','July');
DEFINE ('_UE_MONTHS_8','August');
DEFINE ('_UE_MONTHS_9','September');
DEFINE ('_UE_MONTHS_10','October');
DEFINE ('_UE_MONTHS_11','November');
DEFINE ('_UE_MONTHS_12','December');
DEFINE ('_UE_NO_ANSWER','No answer');
DEFINE ('_UE_ANY','Any');
DEFINE ('_UE_TODAY','today');
// 1.2 CB beta 8+9+10 backend:
DEFINE ('_UE_SHOWEMPTYTABS','Show empty tabs');
DEFINE ('_UE_SHOWEMPTYTABS_DESC','Show all tabs, also if a tab has no content, or only show tabs with content');
DEFINE ('_UE_SHOWEMPTYFIELDS','Show empty fields');
DEFINE ('_UE_SHOWEMPTYFIELDS_DESC','Show all fields, also if a field has no content, or only show fields with content');
DEFINE ('_UE_EMPTYFIELDSTEXT','Text to display for empty fields');
DEFINE ('_UE_EMPTYFIELDSTEXT_DESC','Text that is displayed for empty fields. Language strings and field substitutions work too. The language string _UE_NO_ANSWER displays "No answer".');
// 1.2 CB RC 2 beta 2:
DEFINE('_UE_USERNAME_OR_EMAIL','Username or email');
// 1.2 CB RC 2 beta 2 backend:
DEFINE('_UE_LOGIN_TYPE','Login field type');
DEFINE('_UE_LOGIN_TYPE_DESC','Login can be by username + password, username or email + password, or email + password. The CB login module also adapts accordingly.');
DEFINE('_UE_INCORRECT_EMAIL_OR_PASSWORD','Incorrect email or password. Please try again.');

// ATTENTION: The closing tag, "?" and ">" has been intentionally omitted - CB works fine without it.
// This was done to avoid errors caused by custom strings being added after the closing tag. ]
// With such tags, always watchout to NOT add any line or space or anything after the "?" and the ">".


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15 years 1 month ago #71701 by kdeelstra
Replied by kdeelstra on topic Re:Dutch.php for dutch languagefile
for some reason my comment above te code in the last post is not added:
the code in last post is teh code thats not translated in this Dutch zipp

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