CB losing battle for people.joomla.org ?

11 years 7 months ago #130916 by darb
Hi guys Beat and Nant,

why dont you participate in the discussion about which Social Joomla addon to be chosen for people.joomla.org?


This could be of very importance for CB future!

Are you going to change things that are not so good as Joomsocial?

ie design issues etc etc compared to Joomsocial, so you can compete with beeing the no 1 social community extension for Joomla or are you only focusing on ... what?

react now or its to late..maybe already.

Q: what can you do to meet up with Joomsocial?

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11 years 7 months ago #131069 by beat
As there has been no battle, there is no battle lost. ;)

Upcoming CB 2.0 and GroupJive 2.0 are in the works since over a year and are completely awesome. We are not only listening to our community (e.g. re design, UI and function), but have integrated results of very exciting research work on social web apps into CB 2.0. Additionally, we have made CB 1.2's very strong points (flexibility, speed, quality/reliability, extensibility, stability, excellent free community support, completeness of offerings, CB Team extensions, size of community, number of third-party CB extensions and supported integrations) even stronger.

We do not see any reasons to not share openly the facts about this surprising joomla process, which also surprised a good part of the community:

Following February 23rd call here , CB Team has offered same day, on February 23th 23:11 GMT, to Joomla Communications workgroup exactly this proposal:

"We could setup a cool joomla 1.5 or 1.6 - cb 2.0 based solution for joomla, tailored to needs and wishes using plugins, existing, improved, or to be developed. We could then help manage until communications wg wishes to take it over... We really want to help joomla as much as we can and are allowed to. :)"

We got acknowledge of receipt and a thank you to our offer same day at 23:14 GMT, then we pinged again later with "Let us know when you have feedbacks on our offer, or questions, we will be happy to answer and help. We never even got a single request for information or for a CB 2.0 private demo. Then we discovered that blog you are mentioning same time than the joomla community. So obviously our proposal of February 24th has not even been looked at.

For us, taking time and energy away from exciting core CB 2.0 development to comment or participate in the debate there doesn't make sense. But the CB community input there on public comment of blog and non-public RFC form is certainly welcome. :)

We will be communicating on this if there is anything worthwhile to say.

So, in retrospective, we have been working productively full speed ahead to make all our offerings better for our community, and are continuing doing so in this exciting year with solid CB community growth with many more awesome news to come soon. While we would like to further contribute effort and support towards the Joomla project , all we can offer is our honest and sincere proposal from one long-standing free opensource always-been-GPL project to another.

EDIT: Fixed link.

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10 years 10 months ago #152803 by darb
Any update when CB 2.0 will be released?

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