Username=email automatical

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Change username to Name.

Components -> Community Builder -> Configuration -> General:

Login field type = Email

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13 years 5 months ago #91982 by vladypus
Replied by vladypus on topic Re:Username=email automatical
krileon wrote:

Username is Unique. No 2 can be alike. That's how the system works. That's how Joomla works. Their name such as first name do not have to be unique.

To get what is asked you'll need to make many modifications to the core of CB AND Joomla. Those are considered "Hacks" and are not supported.

Alternative is have username as the email. Remove email from registration page (can be done from field management). Then move email to a tab that is not shown on profile. Set email so it is no longer required as well.

Then change usernames name to E-mail. Give that a try.

If you do this you can no longer user email verification. Is there a quick fix for this? I have no problem with modifying code but I've been looking at comprofiler.html.php and cb.core.php, and it is quite daunting.

Alternatively, I wanted to change the title of the username field to "Email" and change the title of the email to "Verify Email". I looked to the code that handles password field verification and it seems that the password confirmation field doesn't exist as an actual field, rather it is a hard coded check of some kind. It looks as though I would need to modify the email field and set the
$field->_identicalTo variable somewhere and then set $metaJson[] to perform the check. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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--I do have a paid subscription for community builder, but it is registered to my employer and I prefer to use my own account--

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13 years 4 months ago #94326 by OJoe
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im interested too

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13 years 1 month ago #104793 by frankpereira
Replied by frankpereira on topic Re:Username=email automatical
Had the problem where I could not have two people named "john smith" with different e-mail address when they try to register.

Using the following
CB 1.2 RC3
Joomla 1.5.x
Login field type: email

Made a one line change and it fixed the problem for me.
File changed:

function saveSafely( &$array, $ui, $reason )

change line 1135:
$this->username = $this->name;

$this->username = $this->email;


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