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13 years 7 months ago #82445 by wjvonalt
I'll admit, I'm a newbie to both CB and Joomla!, but I've done enough experimenting with this that I'm fairly certain it's not user error. Here's my scenario:

If I enable user self-registration, require e-mail verification, and require moderator-approval, the entire workflow works fine... the user can register, receives the confirmation e-mail, validates address, moderator recevies e-mail, logs in thru fron-end and sees new user pending in CB Workflow module, and can click to accept, and user recevies confirmation and can now log in with credentials specified at time of registration.

Now for the problem - if I enable the "auto-generate random password" feature (rather than letting user choose one at registration), the whole process breaks down (multiple failures/bugs). Here are the results of having user self-registration, requrie e-mail validation, require approval, and auto-generate random password enabled:

1. User registers and receives validation e-mail. This e-mail contains a randomly generated password in cleartext.

2. User clicks link to validate e-mail address. Moderator receives e-mail notice that there is action pending.

3. Moderator logs into front-end and sees action pending in CB Worflows, clicks thru to approve new user (just as before), and it appears to work. Notice is displayed on moderator's screen that action was successful.

4. User recevies e-mail notice that account has been approved, e-mail contains username and password, but the password appears to be a hash as it is a very long hexadecimal string. I do not know if this is a has of the first password that was sent, or a new random string. user cannot login using either the first password that they received in e-mail nor the hash string.

5. Moderator/Admin investigates login issue and sees in the back-end CB component user management that the user account is still pending approval... despite the fact this was already done thru the front-end. Admin approves user account.

6. User receives third e-mail (second one stating that account has been approved) including username and a *third* password. This username/password combination will allow user to successfully login!

So... with auto-generate random password enabled, in addition to the other workflows mentioned, the following three things appear to be broken:
1. New password is received with every e-mail sent to user, and it changes each time.
2. "Password" received if admin/moderator attempts to approve acccount thru front-end is not a password at all, but a hash of something.
3. Accoutn approval thru front-end (CB Workflows) does not work if password is auto-generated, but works fine otherwise. Accounts with auto-generated passwords must be approved thru the back-end to successfully allow users to login.

This is a fresh install of CB 1.2 RC4 and Joomla 1.5.8 with no other extensions installed and no live data.

Any suggestions on how to make the registration workflow as seemless with auto-generated password as it is without them?

Thanks for all of your thoughts and input!

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13 years 7 months ago #82679 by beat
Logged problem with #141 for investigation.

Do you still have the problem ?

CALL for Community help:

Could a few in here please help, by trying that same setting and try to reproduce the problem ?

Many thanks B)

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13 years 7 months ago #82782 by wjvonalt
Greetings, Beat, and thanks for taking a look and the time to respond!

Yeah, I'm still having the same problem. I even tried on a second fresh install of Joomla + CB in a new DB and it experiences the same symptoms.

I would like the auto-generate random password feature to work, but there are other things I can do to work around this.

In fact, I want to force usernames to be the first six letters of last name, first initial and middle initial, so I may just end up disabling self-registration and creating all the accounts myself.

Now searching the forums for a way to bulk import user accounts ;-)

But still... if anyone comes up with a fix for the symptoms described below, it would be great for future use!


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13 years 7 months ago #82784 by nant

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13 years 7 months ago #82785 by wjvonalt
Got it, and installing as I type; tanks, Nick!


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13 years 7 months ago #83722 by mediaguru
Error confirmed (Joomla 1.0.15, cb 1.2 RC4)

I was just about to post this same problem.

I'm toying with a super simple registration process like facebook. On facebook you type in TWO things to register.

SO on my Mac Space site I turned off password from registration and enabled autogenerate password.

Email 1: User receives link to confirm and a 10 digit random password.

User confirms.

Email 2: After admin approval (mine did work in the front end by the way, unlike the first post here), the welcome email has the password as a 49 (50 if I counted wrong) character password. I use that as the password and it doesn't work. I had the system resend the password and it is the original.

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